ProAxion to Showcase New Predictive Maintenance System at Manufacturing & Technology Expo

ProAxion to Showcase New Predictive Maintenance System at Manufacturing & Technology Expo
RALEIGH, N.C. -- ProAxion(R)  (, in its third year of developing practical applications for technology by starting with the business need, will be showcasing its innovative TACTIX™ predictive maintenance system at the IndustryWeek Manufacturing & Technology Conference and Expo May 8-10 in Raleigh, North Carolina. The experienced leadership team at ProAxion will be at booth 620 sharing their expertise in managing risk for customers utilizing TACTIX to maximize industrial uptime while improving overall productivity and the quality of items produced. TACTIX provides an easy and affordable solution to remotely monitor machine health 24x7 and receive simple text and email alerts months before breakdowns occur.

“As customers expand our system at multiple plant locations, we’re seeing new employees come up-to-speed quickly with the TACTIX system, allowing them to tackle maintenance issues well before they reach a critical stage,” ProAxion CEO and Co-Founder Justin Rothwell said. ”This is exciting because not only do existing employees gain productivity and efficiency using the information we provide, customers are also seeing our technology as a way to attract the next generation workforce, who are highly motivated and well prepared to use new technology to do their job better.”

Rothwell explained the “plug and play” aspect of TACTIX has enabled customers to move from initial setup to monitoring live data in literally just minutes, analyzing vibration and temperature data for remote monitoring of rotating machines. “This is a game changer, no longer do customers need to procure complex and expensive systems that require substantial setup and integration to have 24x7 remote monitoring and predictive alerts”.

To-date, ProAxion has monitored over 500,000 machine hours and collected over five billion data points. “The system gets smarter the more data we collect, which will allow for us to deliver more value to customers,” Rothwell said.

In one TACTIX customer success story, a manufacturer had a history of unexpected breakdowns of fans due to bearing failure, which caused up to $50,000 per day from lost production and costs associated with performing emergency repairs. They had implemented a route-based vibration collection system, however there were challenges with safely gaining access to the machine while it was running, along with instances when measurements were not collected correctly.

Nine months after installing the TACTIX system, it generated an email and SMS text alert that one of the bearings on a critical fan was starting to fail. This provided the customer with four months notice, allowing them to order parts well in advance and plan the repair during a regularly scheduled maintenance outage.

TACTIX was specifically designed for long life in harsh industrial environments while providing industry-leading battery life of 7+ years. Materials of construction were chosen to handle exposure to a wide range of chemicals and temperatures while providing a significant level of ingress protection in wet and dirty environments (IP68).

ProAxion is actively developing new products using the latest in wireless sensor, cloud-based analytics and mobile communications technology. The company leverages extensive knowledge and expertise in predictive maintenance (PdM), using non-intrusive continuous monitoring to assess a machine asset's condition. PdM can be "route-based" with scheduled measurement by operations staff OR accomplished via installed sensors, which is also known as Condition Monitoring. The Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) is being driven by new developments in sensor and wireless technology.

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ProAxion’s innovative products bring the benefits of data-driven operations and predictive maintenance to the millions of machines that keep our society running and are helping to define the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). While that is useful jargon, we are dedicated to developing practical applications for technology by starting with the business need; not the other way around. ProAxion is in its third year of operations and its current TACTIX system is in its fourth generation of hardware/software design. Visit to see how ProAxion can help your facility maximize uptime.