Identifies 13 Diverse, Remote Companies Hiring Now Identifies 13 Diverse, Remote Companies Hiring Now Dave Menzies Editor Publisher
BOULDER, Colo. -- To demonstrate the variety of companies that fully embrace remote work as a business model, has highlighted 13 remote companies across a myriad of industries that are actively recruiting remote workers. As the definitive resource for companies, entrepreneurs, and freelancers interested in or already embracing remote work, currently features insight from 135 remote companies, representing more than 51,000 remote workers, regarding best practices for optimizing remote work.
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“The wide range of companies on showcases not only the compatibility of remote work across industries, but also highlights the growing diversity of the remote job marketplace itself,” said Sara Sutton Fell, Founder/CEO of and FlexJobs. “Some people might mistakenly assume only web designers or software developers can work from home, but that’s a misconception. In fact, remote jobs in fields such as therapy, tutoring, and government grew more than 20 percent last year. And as this list clearly indicates, working from home full-time is an option for job seekers across career categories, as well as career levels,” Sutton Fell concluded.

Below are 13 remote companies currently hiring, as well as company descriptions, and samples of active job listings. An asterisk indicates that the company started out remotely and the number beside the company indicates company size.

Each job below also meet the following criteria:

- Does not require any time in an office; aka is 100% remote

- Is not “travel-heavy”

- Is available for people located either anywhere or in the U.S.

- Was hiring as of March 5, 2018

1. *Aha! (50+) - Creates product roadmap software ; Operations & Event Specialist

2. *Articulate, Inc. (152+) - Develops online training software ; QA Engineer

3. *Automattic (325+) - Web development company ; Expert Debugger

4. *BELAY (60+) - Provides virtual staffing solutions ; Virtual Executive Assistant

5. *Cheat Sheet (48+) - Modern man’s premium lifestyle site ; Ad Ops Specialist

6. *Equivity (40+) - Provides virtual assistants ; Virtual Executive Assistant

7. *Greenback Expat Tax Services (40+) - Expat tax services ; United Kingdom Tax Accountant

8. *InVisionApp (166+) - Prototyping, collaboration, and workflow platform for designers ; Product Manager

9. *Jackson River (29+) - Builds software for nonprofits ; DevOps Engineer

10. *Jungle Scout (33+) - Tools and services for Amazon sellers ; Data Scientist

11. *LoveToKnow (50+) - Online media company ; Expert Topic Writer

12. Sanborn Media Factory (33+) - Digital creative agency ; Interactive Designer

13. *Toptal (400+) - Freelance developers talent marketplace ; Design Blog Editor

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