New Startup BULKBOX FOODS Introduces Affordable Bulk Food Delivery

New Startup BULKBOX FOODS Introduces Affordable Bulk Food Delivery Dave Menzies Editor Publisher
LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Bulkbox Foods is set to make organic, healthy foods accessible and affordable to all modern-day households. Launched this month, Bulkbox Foods works directly with farmers to provide affordable organic produce and grass-fed meats straight to the consumer. Bulkbox Foods does not further process any of its products, this ensures the most cost-effective price. With our unique packaging, Bulkbox Foods has allowed for minimal waste that is 100% recyclable.
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Bulkbox Foods offers the choice of one 3.5-5.5 pound whole piece of meat and three different vegetables totaling 9 pounds. Additionally, consumers can choose a vegetable box, which includes all seven vegetables on offer (vegetables change often and seasonally).

Bulkbox Foods is giving freedom to the home chef offering recipes for inspiration created by celebrity chef Pete Evans, listed on the Bulkbox Foods' website, Instagram and Facebook. We are not a meal kit business so translating our food via Pete's recipes is very important to our whole business model.

Bulkbox Foods is an exciting option for consumers that are committed to the environment and appreciate organic, fresh produce, delivered directly to their door.

Offering subscriptions or one-off purchases, Bulkbox Foods' easy to use website, simplifies the ordering process in a few steps, and has next day delivery straight to your doorstep.

Bulkbox Foods is based in Los Angeles and is currently available for customers across Southern California.