Launchpad Digital Health Seeking New Portfolio Investments

Launchpad Digital Health Seeking New Portfolio Investments
SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. -- Launchpad Digital Health, the leading U.S. seed investor and mentor in digital health, is accepting new applications for its next cohort of portfolio investments. The application deadline is March 31, 2018. Dynamic entrepreneurial teams leading companies that are truly ready for institutional seed venture funding are encouraged to apply. Launchpad typically acts as lead investor in the institutional seed rounds, and expects that its new round of funded companies will begin co-location coinciding with the closing of their funding round, at its HQ offices in San Francisco.

Companies selected receive: (1) more capital – up to $500,000 seed funding; (2) more time commitment – one year (or more) co-location in San Francisco in our three-story digital health hub alongside a dozen or more companies in the sector; (3) more intensity – regular, ongoing engagement with Launchpad Digital Health's founders, partners, mentors and co-located startups. Submit applications to

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Co-founders of excellent companies in our portfolio say it for us:

"The strategic value of seed investors to a startup cannot be underestimated. With Launchpad, you get veteran operators who get their hands dirty to help you solve problems, and that makes all the difference." Chris Cutter, LifeDojo – CEO & Co-Founder

"Our partnership with LDH has given us the unwavering support and quarterbacking we need to successfully run our startup, access an amazing network of strategic partners and investors, and accelerate our business." Julie Campistron – CEO & Co-Founder

"Launchpad has been an instrumental partner and board member as we shape our vision, execute on our strategy, and finance the business. LDH is highly aligned with and supportive of the founding team." Zak Holdsworth, Hint Health – CEO & Co-Founder

"For early-stage companies, the experience, guidance and support that LDH brings is at least as important as the monetary investment." Bronwyn Harris, MD, Tueo Health – CEO & Co-Founder

"Having LDH in our corner has made a world of difference in our success as a burgeoning startup, now 25 employees strong. LDH provided seed and follow-on capital and invaluable guidance, helping us to attract global brands who trust in us to provide accurate air quality data." Ran Korber, Breezometer – CEO & Co-Founder

"Having LDH on our board, closely mentoring and co-locating with us, has been instrumental to our quick growth, now with 80 strong team members. I've instituted standing monthly meetings with three peer CEO's for collaborating, discussing challenges, and considering opportunities. Truly an amazing experience of personal and professional growth." Jason T. Andrew, Limelight Health – CEO & Co-Founder

"There is no better partner in digital health than Launchpad. Through the course of building a company, you encounter many unknowns and this is the best team to have in your corner bar none." Michelle Longmire, MD – CEO & Co-Founder

"With digital health experience, LDH quickly recognized what we were trying to do, pushed us on our false assumptions, continually encouraged us, and provided the resources, network, and methodologies to build our business." Andrew Trees, Agathos – CEO & Co-Founder

Launchpad Digital Health is the leading U.S. seed fund and mentor in digital health, leading seed rounds. Its next generation immersion includes: more capital, more time and more intensity for its companies and their founders. Located in San Francisco, it has 27 portfolio company investments to date. The founders of Launchpad Digital Health have funded and operated companies for the past two decades. Launchpad Digital Health – Ground Zero periodically extends this ecosystem to companies that, with more intensive time and effort over the one-month immersion program, can ready themselves for institutional seed level funding.

To find out more about us, visit and see how your startup can benefit from this next generation accelerator programs, as its next class of companies begins. Get capital. Get advice. Get going.