Zeriscope Introduces Hands-Free Camera to Mobile Telemedicine Exam Kit

Zeriscope Introduces Hands-Free Camera to Mobile Telemedicine Exam Kit
CHARLESTON, S.C. -- Zeriscope announced it has added a hands-free examination camera to its Mobile Telemedicine Exam Kit. This new line-of-sight camera option allows a professional caregiver, located with a patient, to live stream medical examination and observation video to a remote physician supervising and directing the telemedicine exam. With the head-worn camera, the caregiver has both hands free to conduct the examination, allowing the remote video stream to continue uninterrupted.

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Ideal for use by home health nurses, paramedics, or other remotely located caregivers facilitating telemedicine exams with physicians, the Zeriscope Mobile Telemedicine Exam Kit contains a variety of peripheral sensory devices and cameras. Web-based (cellular or wifi), portable and lightweight, the Zeriscope system outperforms cart based telemedicine systems at a fraction of the costs.

Zeriscope and a mobile telemedicine program can be a critical tactic for provider and payer strategies aimed at reducing readmissions and managing emergency room "frequent flyers".

"We continue to build on the capabilities and options of our software platform and exam kits", said Zeriscope CEO Bill Harley. "The line-of-sight, hands-free camera is another example of the simple-by-design approach we're taking to telemedicine, and our passion for listening to our customers and adapting our product to solve for real-world problems and use cases."

Zeriscope is a mobile telemedicine platform company that facilitates live, secure, online, video-enabled telemedicine exams. Zeriscope exam kits benefit patients, physicians, and a host of progressive healthcare business models leveraging smart telemedicine applications. Zeriscope's design philosophy is centered on simple and easy-to-adopt solutions that leverage affordable technology and common-sense healthcare delivery.

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