Nonprofit Giant Launches New Robotic-Process Automation Company

Nonprofit Giant Launches New Robotic-Process Automation Company
INDIANAPOLIS -- The Ascension Ministry Service Center, Ascension’s Indianapolis-based shared services subsidiary, has announced the launch of its new commercial arm Agilify at the Intelligent Automation conference. Agilify will guide organizations from all industries into a new era of robotic-process automation – a field that’s expected to grow into a $2.4 billion market by 2021. Agilify is the result of lessons learned as an early adopter of automation. Applying these techniques and tools led to important discoveries in how to deliver consistent efficiencies to Ascension over the past five years. Agilify brings deep expertise to the market in the full gamut of business-process, robotic-process, and software-process automation – including RPA training and certifications.
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Global RPA software companies like Blue Prism have already named Agilify a partner based on the depth of expertise the new enterprise brings to the RPA field. Additional RPA, RDA, and cognitive software companies are planning announcements in the near future about partnerships with Agilify.

“When Ascension launched its shared services center in Indianapolis in 2010, we began experimenting, testing and piloting process automations – achieving 10 percent cost savings, year-over-year, for the last four years,” said Lee Coulter, chief executive officer of the Ascension Ministry Service Center. “As we began to tell our own story of success, other companies across a mix of industries approached us to find out how we did it. From there, Agilify began to take shape.”

In addition to customized training for software partnerships, Agilify offers its own Agilify Automation Academy training employees from all industries in the practices and principles of process automation that enable enterprise adoption of automation. The company also provides implementation for those organizations without in-house expertise, and management services for those organizations needing daily hands-on oversight.

“Our team has blazed trails over the last few years, and we’ve led some of the world’s most reputable business through transformations using automation,” said Ed Hawkins, Agilify president. “Now we’ll be doing that under the banner of Agilify – delivering business agility via faster deployment, instant scalability and at entry costs that are lower than traditional IT.”

Hawkins said process automation is providing operational efficiencies, incremental cost savings, and higher levels of workforce productivity. Software bots and other digital technologies deliver better transactional speed and accuracy, while working 24/7 – and can take off-shoring of manual, repetitive tasks to no-shoring.

“That leaves more time for employees to do what they do best, which is creating, collaborating, and connecting,” said Hawkins.

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Agilify is North America’s leading intelligent automation practitioner, providing automation platforms and services that improve business processes. Having led transformations in finance, human resources, and supply chain, the Agilify team serves global business service organizations across all industry verticals. Agilify’s digital workforce solutions include its Automation Academy, Automation Collaboratory, and Automation Delivery group, each providing the knowledge and know-how to help customers embrace these new technologies. Agilify is the guide that many of the world’s most respected companies have selected to lead them through this new era workforce transformation, one that seeks to fulfill the true potential of a combined human and digital workforce.