Gymaze Launches with Mission to Change Approach to Fitness

Gymaze Launches with Mission to Change Approach to Fitness  Dave Menzies Editor Publisher Startup TechWire
WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Founded by entrepreneur Hakan Yurt, Gymaze is launching its mobile app and web platform designed to help fitness users to access gyms and studios around them without any contract or subscription and find classes, personal trainers, and fitness products. 45% of Americans usually make New Year Resolutions with weight loss being the most prominent goal. 92% of those people fail by the middle of the year according to The 2016 IHRSA Health Club Consumer Report. People who opt for the least cost efficient membership will actually go to the gym more frequently than those who pay less over the long term.

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Gymaze is the first app that provides fitness users to access gyms, studios, and personal trainers around them without a membership or subscription. “Working out should be as flexible as our schedules, no matter where we are or what time of day” says CEO of Gymaze, Hakan Yurt, who worked in IT and consulting industry for more than 15 years. “Why does one have to pay a monthly fee while on travel? Why can one not go to the studio or gym for any reason for any length of time? Most fitness users have to have one or two years of contract with the facility, and if they are not actively using it, they are losing money”. Fitness users who have had a contract in the past tend to not renew a new contract in the future, according to the study.

They should be able to adjust gym/studio access based on their schedule without constantly paying for gyms or studios even when you don’t use them

With Gymaze app or web, fitness users can explore the studios and gyms around them, check their review and pricing, purchase 1-5-10 or unlimited monthly passes to any gym or studio. Users can also check personal trainers at those studios and schedule 1 on 1 sessions with them without having a contract with those clubs. Users can purchase 1-3-5-or 10 sessions with personal trainers.

In a 25 billion dollar fitness industry, 72% of the members of clubs have a long term commitment issues according to the study. “When I look at the fitness industry, it was clear that fitness users lose their motivation for workout, and they stop going to the clubs, or stop working out completely” says Hakan Yurt.

Gymaze has developed a program called “Transform Yourself, Transform the World” aiming to partner with local non-profits and share Gymaze’s profit with those. Every time a user completes a transaction, the portion of the profit will be donated to the non-profit organization of user’s choice.

“With this program, users will not only to help themselves to reach their fitness goals and promote their own healthy life, they will also help increasing the quality of their community. We are trying to keep the fitness users motivated by giving them a way to exercise for a cause and promote the healthy life in our communities” says Hakan Yurt. “Let’s make the World better place”.

Gymaze has already partnered with some of the local non-profit organizations such as Global Giving, Thrive DC, Eco City Farms, Back on My Feet DC, and Special Olympics Virginia.