Conversive Announces Pre-Seed Round

Conversive Announces Pre-Seed Round
LOS ANGELES, Calif. & NEW YORK, N.Y. -- Conversive has the potential to transform the way businesses and advertisers connect with their audience with the official launch of its revolutionary platform that enables the creation of immersive conversational experiences for VR, AR, desktop, mobile and Apple TV. Conversive also announced the closing of a pre-seed round of over 600K.
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As virtual assistants evolve to include a visual component, Conversive will enable businesses and brands to engage customers with one-to-one conversations via the Conversive conversation builder. Powered by machine learning and natural language processing that enable face-to-face conversations, it can be used for sales, marketing, training, customer service and more.

“We believe that conversational ads have the potential to be commonplace. At their core they are simply video ads that you can talk to, but the impact is huge,” said co-founder Kevin Lenane. “Our data around brand recognition and engagement demonstrates that conversation is more valuable by orders of magnitude while still far cheaper to produce.”

To scale face-to-face communication, businesses using the platform will be able to select a human or animated subject and build out their conversation flow. The conversation experience can then be exported to the platform of choice: web, mobile, AppleTV, AR and VR. The web version can run inside a traditional video ad unit, providing brands with a new and innovative advertising format to better engage with potential customers.

“When you look at what’s happening with messenger apps, chat bots, and virtual assistants, conversation as a platform is becoming a new medium,” said co-founder Kevin Cornish. “Conversive is adding a face to that equation to enable a more human interface for this new wave of digital communication.”

The first use came from Oculus and Tool of North America, who used the Conversive conversation engine to build Fall in Love, a virtual reality experience that recreated the 36 Questions to Fall in Love. In the experience, shortlisted for a Cannes Innovation Lion, users ask questions out loud and characters in the VR experience answer.

Conversive is founded by Kevin Lenane, co-founder of Veenome, the market leader in video content verification, which was sold to Integral Ad Science after raising $2.5M in capital and Kevin Cornish, VR director and founder of Moth + Flame, an award-winning virtual reality agency, that has produced VR experiences for brands including AMC, AMD, Google, Oculus, Discovery Channel, AT&T, MTV, and Ram Truck,

Conversive, founded by Kevin Lenane and Kevin Cornish, is a tech platform that enables the creation of immersive conversational experiences for VR, desktop, Apple TV and mobile.