DemerBox Teams Up with Zac Brown, Amazon Exclusives

DemerBox Teams Up with Zac Brown, Amazon Exclusives
ATLANTA, GA – Multi-platinum, GRAMMY award-winning artist Zac Brown, of Zac Brown Band, and Amazon team up with DemerBox to launch the outdoor audio brand on Together with Zac Brown and Amazon Exclusives, DemerBox is ready to bring their startup to the forefront with an indestructible boom box and an expanded audience. DemerBox products will be available on starting on Oct. 16 for $399. For more information, visit
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As a lifelong inventor with a deep appreciation for music and sound, DemerBox founder James Demer built a career in location audio recording. While working on a feature film in Alaska, he cut holes in a Pelican case, installed speakers and an amplifier circuit, and created a super rugged boom box of his own.

Working on extreme TV shows like Survivor and Vice on HBO gave Demer and his crew mates the opportunity to put the new portable speaker to the test in the harshest and most demanding conditions on earth including Mt. Everest base camp, the steamy jungles of Central America and furnace hot Cambodian beaches. Combining the utility of a water proof case and a Bluetooth speaker, DemerBox is designed to bring high-quality sound to any environment.

The exceptional durability of DemerBox made it an ideal product for musician and avid outdoorsman Zac Brown. After discovering the product on Amazon, Brown gave it a test of his own on a spearfishing trip. Immediately impressed, he became an instant DemerBox fan and sought further involvement with the company.

“I’m always on the hunt for gear that makes my life easier and helps enhance my adventures,” says Brown. “This is something I use personally, every single day.”

Brown quickly acquired the startup, adding it to his roster of brands. DemerBox now operates under Brown’s lifestyle company, Southern Ground, home to a host of other small-batch, American-made companies.

With Zac Brown’s resources, the DemerBox team is now ready take on a larger market, working with the company that first introduced Brown to DemerBox – Amazon. With Amazon Exclusives, DemerBox hopes to dramatically increase exposure and sales.

“Amazon Exclusives helps emerging brands and products like DemerBox connect with millions of potential customers around the world”, says Kyle Walker, Category Leader for Amazon Exclusives. “The best part of our job is finding new products and helping passionate entrepreneurs connect directly with customers. We are excited to help launch DemerBox exclusively on”