Threat Sketch Named Startup to Watch

Threat Sketch Named Startup to Watch
WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- Threat Sketch was recently named one of seven startups to watch in North Carolina's Triad region by Exit Event, an organization providing news, information and tools for startups and emerging companies. Threat Sketch was chosen as a startup to watch during Demo Day, an event sponsored by Exit Event and New Ventures as a company showcase to show the passion and enthusiasm that is sparking growth in our regional economy. "These companies offer examples of the type of innovation and business acumen that's spawning from the academic and business community in North Carolina's third and fifth largest cities," said Laura Baverman, editor, Exit Event.

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Threat Sketch was chosen as one of the startups to watch due to its innovative way of looking at cybersecurity. The company specializes in strategic cyber risk assessments for small and medium businesses. "A strategic cyber risk assessment is the key to making business decisions about cybersecurity priorities and budgets, but for many companies with limited resources, the traditional tools available for cybersecurity are out of reach," says Rob Arnold, founder and CEO of Threat Sketch. "We have designed a risk assessment that is written specifically for companies of this size, and is also affordable."

Typical strategic cyber risk assessments cost tens, or hundreds, of thousands of dollars. Threat Sketch is pioneering a low-cost option that fits the limited resource constraints of small organizations. "I feel that small companies need the same enterprise decision making tools as their larger counterparts," Arnold says. "The cybersecurity landscape of today is very different than it was just a few years ago, and every business needs to be prepared."

The economic impact of cyber attacks and the incentives for hackers have changed so that even small businesses are vulnerable. This is because the information businesses collect, process, and exchange has become more valuable and easier to exploit for nefarious gain. In addition, the trend toward hackers using automation in cyber attacks leaves small and medium-sized businesses vulnerable on an industrial scale. And finally, a business faces liability issues when this data comes into an organization's possession. The convergence of these three trends means that modern attacks are more damaging than cyber attacks used to be, and they are becoming a daily occurrence.

"We are excited to be named a startup to watch," Arnold says. "It is validation that our work in the cybersecurity industry is getting noticed and we hope to continue to improve cybersecurity for small and medium-sized businesses as we expand the reach of our company beyond our signature risk assessment to include the launch of a new book on cybersecurity as well as products and research for cyber insurance providers."

Founded in 2015 in Winston-Salem, NC, Threat Sketch provides tools that enable small business owners and executives to evaluate and manage cybersecurity at a strategic level. The executive team brings decades of IT, cybersecurity, risk analysis, financial/economic, and project management experience and expertise to a wide variety of small business clients. To learn more call 844-487-4757 or visit

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