Romeo RIM Strengthens Commitment to Heavy Truck, Agriculture Market Sectors

Romeo RIM Strengthens Commitment to Heavy Truck, Agriculture Market Sectors
ROMEO, Mich. -- Award-winning Romeo RIM (, the world’s innovative leader in custom reaction injection molding and composite solutions, has strengthened its commitment to the heavy truck and agriculture market sectors with a new hire and support of a major industry event. The busy manufacturer of strong, lightweight, large vehicle parts like cab roofs, bumpers, fenders, and air deflectors has added Business Development Manager Steve Schlehuber to its team of talented professionals. Steve joined Product Development Engineer Brandon Giles at the recent Farm Progress Show 2017 in Decatur, Illinois, the nation’s largest outdoor farm event hosting more than 600 exhibitors displaying new farm equipment, tractors, combines and farm implements.

“Romeo RIM has a long history of innovating for the heavy truck industry and agriculture and construction, helping customers do more for less, and we’re continuing to invest in the future of each of these important market sectors with cutting-edge technology and smart, dedicated people,” Randy Johnson, Romeo RIM CEO said.

Romeo RIM was a leader in bringing long fiber injection (LFI) to North America in 1999, and has continued to introduce new technology to the composites manufacturing world such as a brand new rotary press. The rotary LFI press is an incredible innovation for OEM’s as it provides the same LFI benefits, but at a lower cost. This has allowed LFI to compete directly with SMC and provide lower cost parts at lighter weights.

The company’s production facility is growing, dedicated team of talented professionals enables it to produce LFI products that are stronger, stiffer, and lighter than conventional reinforced composites, details that are sought-after by customers in the heavy truck, agriculture and construction industries. Romeo RIM’s LFI technology uses a mix of polyurethane and chopped fiberglass in molds to create products in sizes and weights up to 11.5’ x 11.5’ and 80 pounds. Multiple smaller parts are consolidated into one mold with no seam lines or leaks, with shorter cycle times leading to cost savings for customers.

Traditionally, customers who make large parts have been forced to use processes that cannot produce features on the back of parts, or the parts were very heavy because of the materials required. LFI solves those issues, allowing for large parts with back side features, with increased strength at a lighter weight.

Steve Schlehuber comes to Romeo RIM from Xcentric Mold & Engineering, where he was involved in rapid prototyping and custom injection molding for customers across a wide range of industries. His successful professional experience includes using his background in technology and finance to recognize customers' specific needs and offering design adaptability optimize the manufacturability of a specific part while maintaining the cost efficiency of the project.

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Award-winning Romeo RIM is the world’s innovative leader in custom reaction injection molding and composite solutions. The company serves markets including transportation, heavy truck, agriculture and construction, spa, and rail car with complex engineering applications and a commitment to quality customer service. Our experienced, growing workforce combines years of technical and industry knowledge with a spirit of creativity to develop the next generation of long fiber injection (LFI) molded products and technologies. Romeo RIM’s lean manufacturing and operational excellence enables us to build a strategic connection with engineering and purchasing professionals up and down the supply chain, aligning our strategy with their strategy to form strong, lasting relationships. For more information, visit