New Field Guide Helps Millennial Entrepreneurs Chart Journey Toward Business Success

New Field Guide Helps Millennial Entrepreneurs 919-274-6862 David Menzies
DETROIT, Mich. -- Dare Mighty Things: A Field Guide for Millennial Entrepreneurs is a field guide for twenty-somethings who want to move past dreaming big and set a course for the future. Told through the passionate and compelling stories of 12 entrepreneurs, author TM Smith connects the successes and failures of these young risk-takers and charts the commonalities to help guide future entrepreneurs toward having both the courage and the practical know-how to take that leap.

By profiling a dozen stories of incredible entrepreneurs from all walks of life, Dare Mighty Things shares the dreams, passions and ideas that they were able to translate into reality. By exploring what is unique, but also pointing out what is common, between these startup leaders, Dare Mighty Things creates a series of best practice waypoints and personas that anchor the book. By finding these seven essential personas, the millennial entrepreneur will be able to map out their personal journey.

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The entrepreneurs highlighted in the book include:

·      Sekou Andrews, Poetic Voice Speaker, Los Angeles

·      Nailah Ellis-Brown, Founder, Ellis Island Tea, Detroit 

·      Taylor Bruce, Field Guide Publisher, Austin

·      Alexandra Clark, Founder, Bon Bon Bon, Detroit

·      Steven Counts, Sports Photographer, Brooklyn 

·      Chase Fancher, Founder, Oak & Oscar, Chicago

·      Brian Wong, Founder, Kiip, San Francisco

·      Courtney & Joe Powell, Online blog & Retailer, Pittsburgh

·      Melissa Price, dPOP co- founder & CEO, Detroit

·      Veronika Scott, Founder, The Empowerment Plan, Detroit

·      Dave & John Vermiglio, Grey Ghost Restaurant, Detroit

“This up and coming generation prefers to consume content in small "snackable" ways, with an eye toward mosaic exploration rather than traditional linear methods,” said Smith.  “They are conditioned to send a text, a tweet and an update on social media using bite-size nuggets of information. And the "field guide" is an attractive way for this audience to digest and absorb the messages and insights of their peers within a printed delivery of a traditional book.”

“The millennial entrepreneur does not think like their older counterparts,” added Smith. “They see less of a line separating their work life and their non-work life. They simply see their life. They want social change, environmental sensitivity and to be able to make a difference in the larger world around them.”

Tim Smith is the CEO and Owner of Skidmore Studio, a creative studio based in Detroit that specializes in helping brands reach the millennial audience. Smith, over the past seven years as the owner, has rebuilt the 55-year old creative shop at a time when the city was experiencing its worst economic and image crisis in its 200+ year history.

For every book purchased, Smith will donate a book to one of many entrepreneurial programs at universities across the country.

Launching in June 2017, Dare Mighty Things is published by FastPencil and is available via Amazon, Books A Million, Barnes & Noble for $20.  More information can be found at, @smithcastle  #daremightythings