Virtual Business Coaching Company Empowers Female Entrepreneurs

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DEERFIELD BEACH, Fla. -- Have BIGplans, LLC is the first virtual business coaching company of its kind; empowering women to take the plunge into entrepreneurship and guiding established entrepreneurs toward prosperity. “I want to eliminate the barriers that prevent entrepreneurs, especially women, from fulfilling their dreams,” explains Kavita Sahai, CEO and founder of Have BIGplans, LLC. “Because it is my belief that everyone should have a life and business powered with passion and purpose, it’s my goal to help entrepreneurs to grow their company, simplify their systems and workflow, and ensure they never feel alone in their business.”

Every certified business coach at Have BIGplans has had a successful business outside of their coaching practices; ensuring their knowledge extends beyond the classroom. Their coaches have the personal experience of taking a company from zero to profitability, with the education and training to guide small business owners to achieve their own successes.

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Virtual business coaching from Have BIGplans is also significantly more affordable and accessible than traditional business coaching. One of the most common reasons business owners don’t obtain such support and guidance is its high cost and daunting barriers. Have BIGplans changes that by charging $50 per week (billed monthly) for unlimited consultations. Clients can cancel their subscription at any time.

For $50 per week, clients receive:

Daily check-ins;

Unlimited messaging;

Accountability and expert advice;

Weekly updates of priorities and important tasks.

In addition, live video/audio sessions can be added-on as needed. For business owners requiring greater support, affordable packages are available with more extensive offerings.

Why Have BIGplans matters for female entrepreneurs:

Entrepreneurship was once considered a man's domain, but the tide has shifted: In recent years, the rate of female entrepreneurs has been growing at a percentage at least double that of their male counterparts. Economists and academics agree that female entrepreneurs are an under-tapped force that can significantly rekindle economic expansion. According to the 2012 U.S. Census, women currently own 36 percent of all businesses, and the numbers keep soaring.

HaveBIGplans virtually, conveniently and affordably connects entrepreneurs with certified business coaches. As the first-ever text business coaching platform, Have BIGplans has revolutionized the business coaching industry by providing unparalleled dialog between certified business coaches and small business owners in the digital age. Founded with the mission to promote economic growth by helping small business owners, especially women, to build a business that fuels their soul and their bank account, Have BIGplans works with businesses large and small, new and established, in many different industries. For more information, please visit

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