Good Morning America Features Slateplate™ Hand-Cut and Finished Customizable Boards and Trays

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RALEIGH, N.C. -- The eyes of a national television audience were recently on Slateplate™, inspiring new ideas for serving and entertaining, as the company earned a spot on Good Morning America’s popular “Deals and Steals on Wheels” traveling event. Lynn Yanyo, president/owner of Slateplate™, participated live on camera in the 8 a.m. timeslot Wednesday, May 3 at Raleigh City Plaza in downtown Raleigh.

“In the first 24 hours after the segment aired, we had 1,400 customers ordering on average four items per order, which is four times the typical number. Our unit sales were the equivalent of our last two years of sales,” Yanyo explained.

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Slateplate sold out of a lot of sizes of its popular hand-cut and finished customizable boards and trays during the online ordering deluge, and is currently offering items on back order which it will fulfill in the next 30 days.

“We’re especially thankful for our fulfillment partners Riley Life for helping us keep up with the sudden increase in demand,” Yanyo said. Riley Life is an eCommerce brand fulfillment company based in Raleigh.

The Deals and Steals show traveled to five cities in five days -- Chicago, Philadelphia, Raleigh, Tampa and Dallas -- to celebrate small businesses live on ABC's Good Morning America. In each city, the show attracted big crowds and special guests to cheer for small business owners that have been selected for this week-long event.

Before the exposure from Good Morning America, Slateplate was growing in popularity with people looking for unique, heirloom-quality gifts for special occasions like weddings, engagements, housewarming parties and birthdays as well as unique corporate offerings, particularly for real estate clients.

Wedding dates, company logos, and personalized messages are other custom engraving the company is doing lately from its production studio and demo facility in Garner, just outside of Raleigh. Located near the popular White Oak Crossing retail, dining, and entertainment center, the Slateplate facility houses offices, warehouse, shipping and receiving, digital engraving, and a “model home” showcase displaying multiple ideas for using Slateplate to bring the beauty of nature indoors for any occasion.

Hand-cut from the strongest, smooth natural slate, Slateplate is designed to make food pop while its deep, lustrous black surface is easy to write on with soapstone chalk to add a personalized twist to meal presentations. All edges are hand-finished to make sure they are easy to handle and safe, featuring clear acrylic feet for gentle, scratch-free presentations on any surface while providing an easy grip for lifting.

Unlike other slate-like serving trays that chip or crack, Slateplate is made to last and is the only slate product on the market that is commercial dishwasher-safe.

For more information and to see photos from the Good Morning America event, visit

Slateplate™ inspires new ideas for serving and entertaining. Hand-cut from the strongest, smooth natural slate, Slateplate blends beauty and style with versatility. Our unique plates, trays and boards feature personalized engraving for any occasion, clear acrylic feet, and are commercial dishwasher-safe. Slateplate is an innovative woman-owned company. To learn more, visit

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