The Launch Place Invests in TiO Home Automation Solutions

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DANVILLE, Va. -- The Launch Place announced that it is investing $250,000 in TiO , to further immerse TiO’s brand in the home building and custom installation market. TiO is common sense home automation that is uncommonly simple, providing a unique approach to automation and control systems. As part of the investment requirements, TiO will expand its operations to the Dan River Region by hiring additional employees with an extensive long-term plan through 2020. The company, in addition to receiving a $250,000 investment from The Launch Place, will also use the organization’s entrepreneur wrap-around services of mentoring, training and coaching and business consulting services.

TiO is an entirely new approach to home automation driven by an "outside in" philosophy that focuses on the customer experience. Designed to be simple and intuitive, TiO truly adapts to the client's lifestyle, unlike other home automation solution that forces the user to adapt to the system. Recently, TiO has been recognized as Sound & Vision Magazine’s “Top Pick” and a 2017 Consumer Technology Association Mark of Excellence winner.

“We are thrilled to announce the Launch Place as an investor in our line of common sense home automation products,” said Sanjay Patel, President and Chief Executive Officer for TiO. “With the support of The Launch Place, we will be able to further expose our brand to builders and custom installers throughout the United States.”

Startup TechWire 2017 Sponsorships Now AvailableThe investment in TiO will be The Launch Place’s thirteenth investment totaling $2.5 million. The Launch Place is co-investing with angels across the south east including VentureSouth.  VentureSouth is one of the largest angel investment groups in the United States that manages angel groups and funds comprised of more than 200 accredited investors across the Southeast.

“Typically an intuitive control ecosystem like the TiO solution are usually reserved for higher-priced and complex home automation systems,” said Eva Doss, President & CEO of The Launch Place. “We are very impressed with the solution they have built as well as the niche market potential for the company to really grow.”

End-users choose how TiO interacts with their lifestyle in ways that have never before been possible. Users create the desired mood in every room of their home, using the actual devices. This Mood is then “Captured” with a single button press on the TiO Home App (a free download for Android and iOS) and can be recalled or edited at any time, and even scheduled to occur at a preset time each day or relative to sunrise or sunset. TiO “Experiences” collect these Moods for easy control of the entire Home. When a user’s mood changes, so does TiO.

TiO is common sense home automation that is uncommonly simple, providing a unique approach to automation and control systems. TiO products are made in the USA and sold exclusively through authorized installing professionals. TiO is engineered to provide flexibility, ease of installation and scalability that accommodates a variety of residential applications.

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