SfL+a Architects Awarded Design Firm of the Year

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RALEIGH, N.C. -- SfL+a Architects, headquartered in Raleigh, N.C., has been recognized as “Southeast Design Firm of the Year” by Engineering News Record (ENR). The announcement made by ENR, an engineering and construction focused news publication, awarded SfL+a with the distinction as the Design Firm of the Year in the southeast based on the positive impact the firm is making in K-12 school design & construction. The publication states that SfL+a has the “potential to make a huge impact on K-12 school design and construction across the region”. These efforts and achievements related to the innovative and transforming model for K-12 design and construction are what helped them receive the award.

The impact goes beyond just design elements, as stated in the article. The publication goes on to say “along with their development company, Firstfloor, they are taking steps to deliver public K-12 projects that are increasingly financially sustainable for its school district clients”. SfL+a's expertise in school design can also be seen with the selection of two Best Of The Best K-12 awards.

“We have worked hard over the years to help transform how we delivery K-12 schools, making it viable financially for the school districts, cutting down the long term energy costs, and pushing the envelope for sustainability. It is an honor to be recognized for this hard work.”, states Robbie Ferris, president of SfL+a Architects.

Startup TechWire 2017 Sponsorships Now AvailableScott Judy, the editor of ENR Southeast states, “For its efforts and achievements related to transforming the model for K-12 design and construction, ENR editors have chosen Sfl+a Architects as the Southeast Design Firm of the Year”. He continues, “Altogether, these design improvements can greatly reduce long-term costs for the school districts.”

SfL+a Architects, one of the nation’s leading architectural firms, works to raise the bar for creative architectural design. Aimed at providing high performance, extremely energy efficient facilities, SfL+a is creating a path for the future of alternative building methods. With their core purpose being to positively impact people, communities, and the environment, they are determined to deliver innovative solutions with excellence in planning, design, and financing. For more info visit www.sfla.biz.

To help them with their goals, their sister company Firstfloor offers creative financing solutions to lower the total cost of ownership for these unique, energy positive facilities. Together they have developed more than 20 schools and remain committed to building a brighter future for education.

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