Selected into Terra, the Food + Ag Accelerator Selected into Terra, the Food + Ag Accelerator
SAN FRANCISCO -- announced that it has been selected into the inaugural cohort of startups for Terra, the Food + Ag Tech Accelerator. Founded by Rabobank and RocketSpace, Terra is a first of its kind accelerator program bringing together the industry’s most disruptive startups and progressive corporations to fuel cross-industry innovation and set a new standard for food and agriculture. The cohort – with global representation from across five countries (Canada, Spain, Thailand, UK, USA) and industry sectors – kicks off today on RocketSpace’s tech campus in San Francisco.

Unlike traditional accelerators, Terra’s unique consortium model brings together a diverse group of industry leaders - both big and small - to explore and experiment with potential partnerships through a dedicated product validation program. Rabobank and RocketSpace, along with Terra’s corporate collaborators – AgroFresh, Beta San Miguel, Givaudan, Griffith Foods, Grupo Azucarero Mexico/CULTIBA and OSI Group – selected from a competitive applicant pool of hundreds of startups from around the world.

Among other benefits, will gain brand exposure and be able to validate its product in collaboration with multiple industry corporations. This non-traditional accelerator model includes pilot testing and is structured to progress beyond a proof of concept to a commercially viable product.

“ joins a cohort that has the potential to define the future of food and agriculture and it’s our goal to provide the velocity – speed and direction – to help them scale their solutions,” said Ron Yerkes, vice-president of Industry Tech Accelerators at RocketSpace. “It’s going to be an exciting adventure working directly with some of the world’s most progressive corporations.”

“There are many unique attributes that set Terra apart from other accelerators, one being that the pilot program will allow us to really observe how the participating start-ups can scale, and how the partnership with our collaborators can help companies like in that process,” says Manuel Gonzalez, Head of Startup Innovation at Rabobank. “Terra is about both the future and the here and now – what the industry needs, what consumers want, what the earth requires – and how startups can respond to the needs of society.”

Startup TechWire 2017 Sponsorships Now Available“We are honored and thrilled to be a part of the Terra Food and Ag Accelerator. We are looking forward to working with such a strong group of corporate collaborators and driving positive changes in the food supply chain. We believe the application of blockchain technology will have a profound impact within the ag and food industry,” said Raja Ramachandran, Founder and CEO of

Located in San Francisco, CA, is introducing the “Blockchain of Food” consisting of an infrastructure of distributed ledgers, IOT and sensors, API’s and connected food supply chain workflow. Our technology provides a distributed, shared system of trust for the food supply chain enabling improved industry collaboration for smarter contracting, transparency for food knowledge, quality and safety for customers, and data sharing and validation to improve integrity and reliability.

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