Vertex Innovations Re-Evaluates Role of Transportation In Telecom Construction, Rolls Out Fleet Upgrade

LITTLETON, Colo. -- Vertex Innovations began overseeing the construction of some of the largest and most complex wireless infrastructure programs in the United States in 2003, and the company has just announced the roll out of its fleet upgrade to improve on-site project management practices to benefit wireless technology deployment. Known for its value engineering and proactive change order mitigation, as well as its nonlinear approaches to training and software usage in construction, the company is continuing to think outside the box with its most recent initiative: Strategic fleet upgrades.

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Vertex Innovations’ vehicles are imperative to their construction engineering services, as they allow for reliable transportation to each of their customers’ project sites across the country.

"As an example of workforce efficiency,” said entrepreneur Wayne Smith, president of Vertex Innovations, “when a company innovates on the edge to make completing the work require less tasks for the employee, overall business performance increases. It results in more completed projects for our clients.”

More completed projects for the clients result in a faster moving environment for Vertex, the network operators and the industry as a whole. According to Smith, “It's a win-win-win scenario."

Three critical criteria for the Vertex fleet: Vehicles must have all-wheel drive, be safe for highway use and have extra clearance for remote sites that are on questionable terrain.

In 2017, Vertex Construction Engineer Jeramie Trotter will be driving the Vertex Subaru Impreza enhanced with a full lift kit.

Trotter says the new fleet will be able to handle the elements better than the commonplace full-sized 4x4 pick-ups used by past companies with which he has worked.

Startup TechWire 2017 Sponsorships Now Available“This car will allow me the ability to get to the remote sites that aren’t admissible by way of concrete and asphalt roads,” said Trotter. “It will also prevent expensive wear and tear by eliminating damage to the plastics on the lower parts of the vehicle.”

Not only will this eliminate the need to re-schedule site visits due to inclement weather, but it also will provide extra padding for the network operator’s bottom line. According to Trotter: “Our competitors either use two-wheel drive vehicles that can’t leave pavement, or they have expensive 4x4 trucks. That price is carried by the customer.”

In addition to the Impreza upgrades, Vertex has also added brand-new Subaru Foresters to their fleet. The new vehicles achieve 27/37 and 26/32 MPG respectively, a significant improvement from the common 4x4’s 18/23 MPG.

About Vertex Innovations
Established in 2003, Colorado-based Vertex Innovations offers construction oversight and program management services that equip network operators, equipment manufacturers, contractors, strategic suppliers, and others with telecommunication infrastructure that wholly improves communication, public safety, and profit gains.

At any given time, Vertex has approximately 2,100 live project sites throughout the U.S., including dark fiber, C-RAN, DAS, data centers and more. To learn more, please visit

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