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HOUSTON -- Indexer, a Houston-based technology start-up, today announced the public availability of Vector, a groundbreaking analytical platform that transforms the internet into unprecedented tangible, meaningful data. Utilizing real-time quantitative research and advanced algorithms, Vector stands apart from existing analytical platforms by extracting more content, with greater efficiency, than has ever been possible before. Monitoring half-a-billion news sources simultaneously with Natural Language Processing (NLP), including social media, Vector precisely searches speech patterns and accurately translates languages to dig deep into the core of the internet; resulting in the extraction of all facets of information, including unstructured text and images.

“Vector provides feature-vector transformations of text, which are an integral feedstock that fuels the customized algorithms we design,” explains Vector’s co-founder, Anton Gordon, an award-winning data scientist, machine learning researcher and commodities expert. “The outcome is unparalleled aid to economists, traders, scientists, and executives for predicting market price movements.”

In addition to asset price predictions, Vector identifies the primary organizations, individuals and geopolitical entities that influence asset prices, markets and customers most. This helps investors to decipher which sell-side equity analysts and economists to be influenced by.

“While several quantitative financial tools exist, they are primarily designed to examine historical data to predict future prices. Little progress has been made in the processing of real-time, unstructured qualitative data into a more useful quantitative format until now,” says Gordon. “We recognize that unstructured content holds the key to understanding hidden demand for products and brands,” says Jo Fletcher, Indexer's head of data visualization.

Startup TechWire 2017 Sponsorships Now AvailableIn addition to data extraction, Fletcher believes that Vector's subjectivity and polarity analysis could provide the key in filtering non-fact-based news content (commonly referred to as "fake news").

Key Features

Sentiment analysis to determine if the writer is positive, negative or neutral on a topic;
Real-time text analysis to receive access to millions of articles per day;
Summarization of text to obtain a summary of the most important points of the text;
Collaborative learning to solve problems as a team using saved searches and messaging;
LDA topic extraction to automatically discover topics contained in millions of documents;
Faceted news search to explore a collection of information by applying multiple filters;
API Access for developers and quantitative analysts;
Feature vectors to use n-dimensional feature vectors to represent a document;
Real-time updates to receive dynamic analysis and real-time intelligence.

Applications for Vector include: Technology, finance, academia, biostatistics, law, healthcare, entertainment/media.

Vector is available on a monthly or annual subscription basis.

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About Vector
Vector is a natural language processing application that performs information extraction on millions of news stories per day. It provides high value to any quantitative researcher, adding a collaborative-authoring work flow in perfect synergy with the most powerful and unique faceted search in the business. For more information, please visit

About Indexer
Indexer is a tech start-up in the artificial intelligence space and has a focus on computer vision and natural language processing technologies.

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