Romeo RIM Earns Supplier Performance Award from Heavy-Duty Transit Bus Leader New Flyer

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ROMEO, Mich. -- Award-winning Romeo RIM (, the world’s innovative leader in custom reaction injection molding and composite solutions, is proud to announce it has been honored with the New Flyer 2016 Supplier Performance Award. Romeo RIM was recognized at the Gold Level -- achieved by only 4 percent of New Flyer suppliers -- for delivery, quality and cost performance, as well as support in engineering, service and the aftermarket.

“To receive this award and to be actively growing with New Flyer continues to support ‘Reasons to Believe’ in the magic of our incredible team here at Romeo RIM,” Randy Johnson, CEO said.

The award is granted to companies achieving a high supplier performance measurement composite score, which is an intensive weighting of metrics including delivery, quality, cost, engineering support, service support and aftermarket. Romeo RIM achieved Gold Performance levels in five out of six categories including an impressive 99% or above level in delivery performance each month in 2016. Companies considered for the award must ship to New Flyer production facilities on a weekly basis -- a minimum 50 times per year -- and who achieve overall on-time performance at one of three levels - Gold, Silver and Bronze. Gold awards recognize Supplier delivery performance that exceeds 99% on-time delivery.

New Flyer is one of Romeo RIM’s oldest and most valued customers. Romeo RIM has worked with New Flyer for several years, with both companies growing together as strategic partners. The largest transit bus and motor coach manufacturer and parts distributor in North America, New Flyer offers a high quality transit bus product line including the Xcelsior® and MiDi® models, incorporating the broadest range of drive systems available including clean diesel, natural gas, hydrogen, diesel-electric hybrid, electric-trolley and battery-electric. The company is also active in the aftermarket parts marketplace, supporting all types of transit buses and motor coaches.

Startup TechWire 2017 Sponsorships Now AvailableRomeo RIM is very active in the heavy truck and transit market sector, working with industry leaders like New Flyer looking for hoods, fascia modules, air deflectors, rear side panels, fairings, front and rear fenders, roofs, doors and assorted enclosures that are sturdy and high-quality, yet affordable. Known for producing very large, complex parts with dimensional stability and impact resistance at low temperatures (-40C), Romeo RIM utilizes advanced manufacturing technology for long fiber injection (LFI) combining lightweight, class A finish with high-gloss in-mold finish, B-side detail and high stiffness and strength. This combination of features is not available in other technologies or at the size and scale that Romeo RIM can produce.

Dedicated to lean manufacturing principles, Romeo RIM operates a 67.5 acre innovation campus north of Detroit, with 173,000 square feet of manufacturing space housing state-of-the-art equipment. The company’s innovative manufacturing technology includes seven highly automated molding machines for parts up to 10 ‘ x 4.5’ x 1’, robot-controlled painting and molding equipment, and a 400-ton, 12′ x 12′ double shuttle press, which is the largest in North America.

To learn more about Romeo RIM’s design, engineering, and support experience in reaction injection molding, LFI, and in-mold painting email, call (586) 336-5877 or visit

About Romeo RIM
Award-winning Romeo RIM is the world’s innovative leader in custom reaction injection molding and composite solutions. The company serves markets including transportation, heavy truck, agriculture and construction, spa, and rail car with complex engineering applications and a commitment to quality customer service. Our experienced, growing workforce combines years of technical and industry knowledge with a spirit of creativity to develop the next generation of long fiber injection (LFI) molded products and technologies. Romeo RIM’s lean manufacturing and operational excellence enables us to build a strategic connection with engineering and purchasing professionals up and down the supply chain, aligning our strategy with their strategy to form strong, lasting relationships. For more information, visit

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