Materials Innovation Leader Sharing Best Practices at Industry Events

ROMEO, Mich. -- Award-winning Romeo RIM (, the world’s innovative leader in custom reaction injection molding and composite solutions, is sharing best practices in producing large fiber glass-reinforced polyurethane (PUR) products at various industry events in 2017. “The demand for stronger, stiffer, and lighter composite materials is increasing across diverse markets, as is the need for manufacturers to generate high-quality products at lower costs in shorter amounts of time,” said Romeo RIM Vice President of Business and Product Development Matt Getty.

According to Getty, Romeo RIM is accomplishing this via the implementation of policies and practices related to lean manufacturing. Investments are being made in manpower and technology to support the company’s expertise in long fiber injection (LFI) which is highly sought-after by businesses in transportation, agriculture, trucking and construction, spa, and rail car industries. This fast, reliable, and innovative reaction injection molding technique produces cost-effective products which satisfy design, quality, and performance specifications while maintaining minimal wall thickness requirements, a lower part weight and a Class-A painted finish.

LFI is used for customers in the U.S., South America, and Europe in need of parts such as front and rear fenders, hood enclosures, roofs, side panels, doors and assorted enclosures. Production for Romeo RIM takes place at the company’s 67.5 acre innovation campus, with 173,000 square feet of manufacturing space housing state-of-the-art equipment including seven highly automated molding machines for parts up to 10 ‘ x 4.5’ x 1’, robot-controlled painting and molding equipment, and a 400-ton, 12′ x 12′ double shuttle press, which is the largest in North America.

Team members will be sharing the company’s technical expertise and lessons learned over its years of LFI innovation at events starting this March which will include the Mid-America Trucking Show, the largest annual heavy-duty trucking industry event in the world, and CONEXPO-CON/AGG, featuring 2,500+ exhibitors over 2,500,000 square feet and more than 150 education sessions.

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About Romeo RIM
Award-winning Romeo RIM is the world’s innovative leader in custom reaction injection molding and composite solutions. The company serves markets including transportation, heavy truck, agriculture and construction, spa, and rail car with complex engineering applications and a commitment to quality customer service. Our experienced, growing workforce combines years of technical and industry knowledge with a spirit of creativity to develop the next generation of long fiber injection (LFI) molded products and technologies. Romeo RIM’s lean manufacturing and operational excellence enables us to build a strategic connection with engineering and purchasing professionals up and down the supply chain, aligning our strategy with their strategy to form strong, lasting relationships. For more information, visit