Technology Company Creates New Encryption Process Set to Disrupt and Change Cybersecurity, Data and Privacy Protection

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. -- WorldFlix, Inc. (OTC: WRFX), an entertainment and technology holding company, announces the launch of a new cybersecurity company, Paranotek, to develop projects for the implementation of a proprietary encryption technology to create an innovative, impenetrable data-security assurance with 100% privacy protection.

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Paranotek is a WorldFlix partnership with technology and encryption design experts based in Finland. Paranotek’s unique and disruptive encryption technology moves the company into the rapidly growing area of cyber security for both the individual and corporate client. Paranotek and its suite of security products will be incorporated into all WorldFlix mobile app development projects, such as child protection app Swantry, and will open the door for collaboration as a security integration feature with other developers looking to enhance the privacy and security of their own mobile or cloud-based applications, storage systems or payment platforms. In addition to Swantry, Paranotek is developing a corporate app for companies to protect data and privacy, as well as an online cloud storage and share system that offers full impenetrable data protection.

Brad Listermann, Founder and CEO of WorldFlix, Inc., commented, “Based on current privacy concerns in the news, we believe it’s time for individuals and companies to have their privacy back and their data secured. With this philosophy, we develop software and apps for companies, families and private individuals.”

Paranotek makes the message clear that the company not only offers a new proprietary encryption process, but also sets itself apart by never storing user data. This offers true 100% privacy protection!

“Our mission is to give individuals and companies back their privacy and security” says Lauri Tunnela, cybersecurity expert and Paranotek Co-founder.

“Recent proposals to authorize searching of individual phones and social media apps upon request from authorities have begun a scramble for companies to upgrade encryption privacy not just internally, but for their customers as well. This opens big opportunities for the WorldFlix, with its new partnership with Paranotek, to harness our unique encryption technology for securing areas of private messengers, mobile payments, social networking, and cloud and data storage. Through strategic partnerships with development firms who can integrate this enhanced level of security for their user products and enterprise systems, the opportunity for new development projects is expected to grow through 2017.

About Paranotek
Paranotek, a majority-owned subsidiary of WorldFlix, Inc., is a partnership with Finnish-based technology and encryption design experts. Paranotek’s products range from data storage, sharing and instant messaging services to various software suites, all based on our disruptive security technology. While other popular apps, software and services collect your data, our unique security technology never collects user data, thus providing an extra layer of enhanced privacy for our users. For more information on Paranotek, please visit

About WorldFlix, Inc.
WorldFlix, Inc. (OTC: WRFX) operates in a variety of niche businesses in the technology and entertainment sphere. WorldFlix divisions include AppFarm, a platform for acquiring, developing, and growing niche apps for mobile and tablet devices; Drobbits, an interactive platform that allows users to create, play and monetize their own video games, and Swantry, designed to allow parents to ensure their child is safe on their mobile device, and equipped with military-grade, triple encrypted security. WorldFlix Entertainment Management is the company’s television and movie development and management business. For more information on WorldFlix, Inc. (OTC: WRFX), please visit

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