Global Behavior Analytics Leader Unveils U.S. Expansion after Salesforce Funding

PORTLAND, Ore. -- CoolaData, the business intelligence and behavioral analytics platform purpose-built for digital businesses, today announced the appointment of seasoned executive and entrepreneur Dan Schoenbaum as Chief Executive Officer. The company’s founders, Guy Greenberg and Tomer Ben Moshe will remain key players driving product strategy and business development.

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After $5.6M in funding from Salesforce Ventures, 83North Ventures (Formerly Greylock Israel), Carmel Ventures and Teec Angel Fund, CoolaData is ready to tackle the U.S. market, adding Schoenbaum to lead the company’s vision of bringing the advanced analytics solution to fast-growing digital companies that rely heavily on user behavior insights.

“CoolaData has built an exciting, patent-pending technology that brings tremendous value to every digital and SaaS business,” said Schoenbaum. “I am thrilled to be a part of this rapid growth phase and expand the vision of CoolaData founders to transcend business intelligence by providing real-time, actionable insights for digital and SaaS businesses to drive engagement, improve their product, and grow their business."

Schoenbaum joins CoolaData with over 23 years of building, growing and leading high-growth SaaS companies. Former CEO at Redbooth, a leader in the collaboration space, Schoenbaum led Redbooth from its infancy to a company with over 3,000 customers and global licensing deals in addition to partnerships with Cisco, Box, CA and Broadsoft.

“We are excited that Schoenbaum has made the commitment to lead CoolaData as the company launches in the U.S.,” said Yoram Snir, partner 83North (Formerly Greylock Israel). “His pedigree of both leadership and entrepreneurialism uniquely qualify him to grow CoolaData as we pursue one of the largest strategic markets.”

Schoenbaum’s deep experience in leading high-growth SaaS companies includes serving as the COO and Chief Business Development Officer for Tripwire, a leader in the enterprise security market, where he helped triple revenues to $90M, file an S1 on the NASDAQ and sell the company. Schoenbaum was also the Chairman of Mergers & Acquisitions and VP Strategy at Compuware - a billion-dollar enterprise software company - and is credited with the creation of an $800M line of products at Mercury Interactive (acquired by HP for $4.6B). He is currently also on the board of Evolven Software. His service extends beyond the world of high-tech as well, to serving as a First Sergeant and as a sniper in the Israeli paratroopers.

CoolaData will be headquartered in Portland, Ore., joining other technology leaders like Google, New Relic and Airbnb in the sprawling “Silicon Forest” tech hub. CoolaData is transforming business intelligence in e-commerce, media and publishing, gaming, and product analytics sectors. Global brands, such as Coca-Cola, CNN and already leverage the behavioral analytics platform to understand user behavior better. Fast-growing digital companies in the U.S. can now analyze unstructured data and ask ad hoc questions to create a more robust internal understanding of their customers. The user-centric architecture and real-time actionable insights offer a competitive advantage that is built to scale.

“Our customers realize that our solution is an integral part of how they measure and optimize their product and marketing growth. It is very satisfying to be part of a company that builds such strong relationships between its product and customers,” says Schoenbaum. “I believe this is a function of how much our customers value CoolaData’s complete solution and see it as vital to their company growth and success.”

About CoolaData
CoolaData is a business intelligence and behavioral analytics platform purpose-built for digital businesses.  We make it easy to track, capture and analyze each customer’s journey and turn them in actionable insights to improve engagement, retention and monetization. Built to collect data from any source from social platforms, such as Facebook, to mobile and web platforms.  CoolaData provides advanced tools to analyze raw data and elevate analysis beyond KPIs for effortless answers to the most complex business questions. CoolaData provides the shortest path to behavioral analytics for fast-growing online businesses in the e-commerce, gaming, and publishing and media industries. CoolaData’s solutions, with ready-to-use dashboards, are essential for any online company that depends on understanding user behavior for business growth. For more information visit

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