Free Publication Filling Inboxes with Inspiration, Information on Living A Happier Life

APEX, N.C. -- Happy Fix®, a human wellness company giving people the tools to live a happier life, is launching The Buzz newsletter as its newest programming element sharing actionable ways to reap the mental and physical health benefits of positive living. Published monthly, each issue of The Buzz includes practical tips, resources, recommendations, exercises, and informational profiles for changing negative behaviors and exploring new ones to bring yourself happiness.

“Now more than ever societal pressures and an onslaught of negativity are hammering people on a daily basis, and its time we fought back with care and love for our mental and physical well-being,” said Happy Fix Founder and Chief Ambassadorship Stacy Menzies.

The Buzz is the latest offering in the Happy Fix suite of professionally designed individual and group wellness programming which includes 180 Days to Happiness™, Building an Attitude of Gratitude™, Creating Miracles with Your Mindset™, Take this Job and Love It!™, Restoring Resilience™ and the Happy Fix Toolkit™.

The inaugural issue of The Buzz is available by registering online at The publication is free.

The Buzz newsletter is one of the ways Happy Fix is helping people improve their lives and the lives of those around them. The company’s programming, outreach efforts, and inspirational clothing and merchandise are designed to grow a nation of Happiness Ambassadors or “Happbassadors” who use positive thinking and focused action to share the scientifically proven fact that happy feels good.

About Happy Fix®
Headquartered in Money Magazine’s No. 1 place to live in the U.S., Apex, N.C., Happy Fix® gives people the tools to live a happier life. Our individual and group wellness programs, inspirational merchandise, blog and social media outreach, and events serve as a reminder that happiness is a choice that’s always within reach. Get your Happy Fix today at