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NEW YORK, N.Y. -- There are many smallcap companies well positioned to grow, but also many are unnoticed by the financial world. At the same time, these companies can be also risky due to the fact that they are exceedingly volatile. In the current emerging business settings, a few sectors are predominantly popular. Among them are new innovative bio-tech devices to treat numerous health conditions, cannabis infused beverage companies, cannabidiol focused companies, to technology startups and many more. Cell MedX Corporation (OTC: CMXC), Rocky Mountain High Brands Inc. (OTC: RMHB), Mountain High Acquisitions Corporation (OTC: MYHI), OWC Pharmaceutical Research Corporation (OTC: OWCP), Marijuana Company of America Inc. (OTC: MCOA).

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Recognizing worthy small-cap businesses is no simple task as reliable public filings and disclosures, along with having a robust management team are crucial. Many investors occasionally turn to high-risk markets, as low-priced companies deliver the highest rewards. Most small-cap companies under a dollar are list mainly on the OTC markets.

An early development stage bio-tech company focused on the discovery, development and commercialization of therapeutic and non-therapeutic products that promote general wellness and alleviate complications associated with medical conditions including, but not limited to, diabetes, Parkinson's disease, high blood pressure., Cell MedX Corporation (OTCQB: CMXC) this morning announced that, "it has received an approval from Health Canada to commence its observational clinical trial in Canada.

As previously announced in the Company's news releases dated March 22, 2016 and July 13, 2016, Cell MedX  has engaged Nutrasource Diagnostics Inc. ("NDI") to launch  the observational clinical trial of its innovative and proprietary technology branded under the trade name eBalance (the "Trial"). The intent of the Trial is to assess the impact of eBalance therapy as an adjunct treatment on HbA1c after three months of therapy in relation to the subject's baseline data and medical history. Additional objectives of the Trial will be to assess the effect of eBalance therapy on insulin resistance and sensitivity as well as on various complications caused by diabetes, such as; •Diabetic neuropathy •Diabetic foot pain and numbness •Wound healing •Blood pressure •Kidney function

The Trial will be carried out in a research facility in Hamilton, Ontario, and will adhere to an investigational protocol outlined by Cell MedX and approved by Health Canada.  The commencement of the study is pending the approval of the Ethics Board which the Company expects to receive in the first week of February."

Mr. McEnulty, the Company's CEO of Cell MedX Corp. stated: "I am very excited to receive the approval from Health Canada in that it allows us to further advance research of our eBalance technology as well as its effects on both diabetes and diabetic complications."

Hemp-infused food and beverage products company, Rocky Mountain High Brands Inc. (OTCQB: RMHB), announced that AKiN'S Natural Foods Markets will have on shelf its hemp-infused beverages in all available retail locations. "Rocky Mountain High Brands has a line of natural, healthful beverages infused with hemp, ginseng, and guarana which is the perfect fit for AKiN'S Natural Foods. With over eighty years of experience in the natural food business, AKiN'S is well positioned to succeed with our hemp-infused products.  We see a huge opportunity for continued growth. Having the AKiN'S locations carry our products will expand our geographical footprint in the U.S," said President and CEO of Rocky Mountain High Brands, Michael Welch.

Mountain High Acquisitions Corporation (OTCQB: MYHI) is a holding company that is focused on the commercial hemp and Cannabidiol products industries. The Company is a real estate investment firm whose primary focus was to hold, develop and manage real property. The Company focuses on acquiring and equipping commercial facilities to be leased to and utilized by the commercial marijuana industry in Colorado. The Company's subsidiaries include Greenlife BiotanX, Inc., Canna-Life Corporation and Freedom Feed & Seed Inc. Greenlife BiotanX, Inc. is engaged in developing and marketing of cosmetics. Greenlife BiotanX, Inc. offers various products, including face creams, anti-aging serum and body lotions.

Medical cannabis research and development company, OWC Pharmaceutical Research Corporation (OTCQB: OWCP) engages in treatment of multiple myeloma, psoriasis and fibromyalgia, with cannabis-based medical products along with development of cannabis soluble tablet delivery system that has applications for further symptoms. The Company also provides consulting services to governmental and private entities to assist them with developing and implementing various medical cannabis programs. Currently, the company works with GUMI to commercialize and market the Company's Electromagnetic Percussion Device, and research and development of Cannabis-based medical products for the handling a range of medical conditions and/or diseases, such as multiple myeloma, psoriasis, PTSD, migraines and a delivery system.

Cannabis marketing and distribution company that distributes medical cannabis products Marijuana Company Of America Inc. (OTC: MCOA) provides product sourcing, branding, payment, distribution and knowledge through an architecture structure to uphold customer loyalty and capture market share. The Company is currently developing an information base from subject matter experts, medical articles and opinions, current articles, YouTube and other videos, blogs, and industry news and papers. The Company offers info on different strains, and other processed products that will be available through its club.

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