Scollar Smart Collar for Small Dogs and Cats Now Live on Kickstarter

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. -- Scollar, a Northern California-based pet wearable company, launched its Kickstarter campaign to fund production of the Scollar Mini smart collar for small dogs and cats. After just a few hours, the crowdfunding campaign was close to reaching its goal of $15,000. The campaign will still accept backers until February 23rd.

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Scollar is designed for every stage of a pet’s life, so pet owners won’t have to outfit their pets with multiple collars for different purposes. The Scollar Mini smart collar is outfitted with:

l  Pet Tracking with GPS (no monthly fees)
l  Night Visibility
l  Food and Medicine Reminders and Notifications
l  Perimeter Barrier module
l  Base Station with WiFi for extended tracking and battery life

Scollar boasts a sleek design and tappable display, and up to 30 days of battery life. The smart collar is open-platform too, meaning you can expand functionality for every age and every stage of a pet’s life.

Scollar Founder Lisa Tamayo says, “There is a huge gap in the market when it comes to smaller animals, which is why we made our first smart collars for small dogs and cats.”

Developed by veteran designers and engineers, Scollar packs a wealth of technology into a small package. In fact, Scollar has teamed up with  Spanner Product Development, engineers of the Fitbit® wearables, to finalize development and prepare for production.

Samples available to select media around early March 2017. Delivery to customers of Scollar in Summer 2017.

The only open hardware smart collar platform on the market invites partners to expand Scollar functionality for pet doors, feeders, training and behavior modules, as well as health monitoring, all of which will seamlessly integrate into the smart collar and mobile app. Scollar also offers a free pet training app available for iPhone and Android.

The Scollar app gives pet owners access to the best crowd-sourced dog and cat training videos. With the app, owners can track and share their pet’s training progress.

The launch of the Scollar smart collar for small dogs follows the September release of the Scollar smart collar for cats. The company is poised to become a market leader in the $60 billion pet product industry. The first Scollar smart collars for small dogs and cats will begin shipping in early Summer 2017.

Scollar, Inc. is creating a universe of care for pets. Offering the only smart collar platform that changes with the dynamic needs of the pet, it makes caring for pets as easy as loving them. The combination of services and functions of the app and smart collar ensure pets get the personalized care and attention they need. To learn more, visit

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