SC Launch Adds New Client Companies

SUMMERVILLEL, S.C. -- As part of its ongoing mission to foster high-tech economic growth in South Carolina, SCRA has announced the recent acceptance of five client companies into its SC Launch program. Client companies are accepted into the economic development program to receive mentoring and other support services and may also be eligible to receive grant funds or investments.

NK Patent LawCoastal companies include:
Chassante, is affiliated with MUSC. Their focus is to provide solutions that allow patient advocates and caregivers to track and share health status of patients. The company was approved for a $25,000 Academic Start-up Assistant Program Grant.

SimTunes creates and distributes educational material in support of healthcare simulation. Educational material includes scenarios, simulations and curricula. The company was approved for a $50,000 Small Business Innovation Research matching grant.

Midlands companies include:
Koios helps readers find the best content for free from their local library. The company enables library resources to appear on Google, Amazon, and Wikipedia so people never miss an opportunity to borrow instead of buy.

Vän Robotics develops intelligent, social robots targeted at providing robot-assisted tutoring to K-8 children as a supplemental learning tool. Computational techniques advance the educational outcomes for children with learning, developmental and cognitive difficulties.

Upstate-based companies include:
Modjoul, is a wearable technology that improves the way companies function. Using Modjoul's  customizable sensors, companies are able to extract data to determine employee safety, productivity and effectiveness. This new perspective provides insight into injuries and lost productivity.

About SCRA

Chartered in 1983 by the state of South Carolina, SCRA foster South Carolina's Innovation Economy. SCRA improves the development and growth of South Carolina's innovation ecosystem by supporting entrepreneurs, enabling academic research and commercialization and connecting industry to innovators.

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