New Startup Lensabl Launches Direct-To-Consumer Eyewear Lens Replacement Service

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Lensabl has launched an online prescription lens replacement service that is focused and dedicated to making it both convenient and affordable for consumers to purchase high quality lenses (for eyeglasses and sunglasses), from the comfort of their home.  Lensabl's direct-to-consumer online model is the first of its kind within the eyewear market. Essentially, Lensabl customers bypass the markups often associated with opticians and brick-and-mortar optical retailers, and can customize their frames with clear, tinted, and transitional prescription lenses – at half the cost of any competitor.

David Menzies | 919-274-6862 Fiction Writer and Public Relations Consultant  | www.daviddeanmenzies.comThrough an easy to use online interface – Lensabl provides consumers direct access to the optical lab. The process is simple. First, the customer selects his/her lenses  (clear, tinted, or transitional), Second – Lensabl sends a box with a prepaid shipping label to the customer, and Third - The lab creates the new lenses, and fits them back into the frames, returning them to the customer with a new glasses case and lens cleaning kit. Customers can track each step of the process through their online account.

Beginning in 2013, Lensabl Co-Founders Andy Bilinsky and Mike Rahimzadeh, were selling fashion forward frames for an affordable price, direct-to-consumer. Shortly after the company took off, customers started requesting the ability to order frames with the proper prescription lenses. "Customers complained about the high prices  and inconvenience associated with stores such as Lenscrafters and Costco to fill their prescriptions," said Bilinsky.

So, Rahimzadeh and Bilinsky realized that they faced a dilemma; either turn these customers away or figure out how they were going to fill the prescription lens orders with affordable, yet high-quality lenses. "We knew that a lot of customers faced this issue, and if we could partner with a lab in order to directly fill the orders, then we could realize big cost savings that we could pass along to the customers," noted Bilinsky.

Given the number of requests by their frame customers -- Bilinsky and Rahimzadeh began to research the lens market. They were eager to gain further insight into who was controlling a large portion of this market, and how and why they were able to effectively keep prices so high. They discovered that much of the profit in this industry comes from markups that are imposed by intermediaries. Most importantly, they learned that no other brand agnostic lens replacement service existed online. So, they decided to create Lensabl. "For many years optometrists shielded the public from the lab and the true price of lenses. We were tired of seeing customers pay for overpriced lenses and coatings that should be included in the price. We include Anti-Reflective, Anti-Scratch and UV protection at no extra cost. Essentially the customer is getting more for paying less without sacrificing quality," said Rahimzadeh.

As an added bonus, Lensabl offers customization options for Snapchat Spectacles.  This means, prescription lens wearers can now swap out their Spectacle lenses for clear or transitional prescription lenses. And, for those who don't wear prescription lenses, but are still interested in customizing their Spectacles, Lensabl offers plano (non-prescription) sunglass lenses, enabling you to change the tint or mirror color of your Spectacles.

Customers in the US may visit to make an order, with prices starting as low as $77 (shipping is included.). Anti-reflective, scratch resistant, and UV coating are included on all lenses. Every new customer, will receive 20% off their first purchase with the code MYEYES – offer valid through February 28, 2017.

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