M2S Bikes Launches New Electric Bikes Featuring Bafang Max Mid Drive Motors

ASHEVILLE, N.C. -- M2S Bikes, an Asheville, NC based electric bike manufacturer, is bringing four new electric pedal assist bikes to the market in early 2017 that they believe will set a new standard in the rapidly expanding electric bike industry. With the launch of these four new electric bike models, M2S Bikes reaffirms their commitment to offer industry leading performance and designs, but with affordable pricing. The end result is a product line that they believe will help launch electric bikes into the mainstream for 2017 and make cycling accessible to more people.

David Menzies | 919-274-6862 Fiction Writer and Public Relations Consultant  | www.daviddeanmenzies.comThe new bike line comes fresh on the heels of a breakout year for M2S Bikes that saw the successful launch of two new electric bike models thanks to the backing of pre-order customers that helped them scale up their manufacturing and production and provide affirmation of their designs and concepts.

"In 2016, thanks to the support of our numerous pre-order customers, we were able to successfully launch two new bikes and are currently in the final stages of delivering these bikes to customers all around the world," said Eric Crews, founder of M2S Bikes. "Now, after over a year of product development and testing, we're ready to roll out four new mid drive models featuring the powerful Bafang Max mid drive motor system," Crews continued. "We are confident that these bikes will set a new standard in the industry as being among the very best bikes on the market at the most affordable price point possible."

This year M2S Bikes has focused their attention on designing four new models around the Bafang Max mid drive system that provides both torque and cadence sensing technology with 80 Newton meters of torque for an enjoyable electric bike experience.

"We found that many of the bikes on the market provide a surge of power at unexpected times. When that happens that can really take away from the riding experience," Crews explained. "Our goal with these bikes, and what we found with the Bafang Max mid drive motors we chose, is that the power delivery is very smooth, which makes the biking experience feel just like riding a normal bike, yet you get the added benefit of the electric motor in a way that feels very natural.

M2S Bikes tailored each design to be suited for a wide range of different usages from commuting to off-road trail riding.

"Whether you're looking for a bike that can tackle tough off road terrain or simply a bike to get you quickly and easily from point A to point B in the urban environment, we believe you'll find an option that makes cycling a really pleasant and enjoyable experience while doing it in style," Crews said.

All in all, M2S Bikes believes these new bikes will continue to solidify their reputation of providing the best possible electric bikes at the most affordable prices possible.

"We worked really hard to pull together the best components possible while still working to keep our prices as low as possible," Crews said. "Each of these bikes include hydraulic disc brakes for fast stopping power, Panasonic lithium ion batteries capable of rides over 30 miles per charge, 10-speed Shimano Deore gears and shifters, and a wide range of other features that combine to make a fantastic riding experience."

About The Bafang Max Mid Drive Motor System
The mid-drive motor constantly samples relevant information at a frequency of up to 80k Hz via a torque sensor and two speed sensors which are all highly sensitive. The resulting data on crank torque, vehicle speed and the speed of rotation of the pedals is made available to the controller, ensuring precise control of the vehicle while achieving the highest possible efficiency. The Max Drive System puts the rider in complete control. In spite of a generous power output and a maximum torque of more than 80 N.m, the motor operates in virtual silence. The modular motor design and integrated controller make disassembly easier and improve service responsiveness.

About M2S Bikes
M2S Bikes was founded in 2015 with the goal of bringing the highest quality electric bikes to the market at the most affordable prices possible. Based in Asheville, NC, M2S Bikes works closely with manufacturing partners around the world to deliver the highest quality components at the best prices possible.

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