Equity Crowdfunding Platform Launches to Simplify Raising Capital for Small Businesses

NEW YORK, N.Y. -- GrowthFountain, an innovative equity crowdfunding platform that provides local businesses with an exciting new channel to raise capital, announced today its official platform launch for online investing. Made possible by the recent implementation of the 2012 JOBS Act, GrowthFountain delivers a revolutionary opportunity to average Americans – access to privately held startups and small businesses across the country.

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GrowthFountain enables entrepreneurs and investors to efficiently capitalize on these changes. To facilitate local and regional connections, the platform has partnered with credit union thought-leader Callahan & Associates. Together, they've developed custom marketing for numerous partners, such as Digital Federal Credit Union, making crowdfunding available to over 750,000 members. When small business owners turn to credit unions for capital, they now have an additional option – selling equity. Using state-of-the-art technology, customers and community members can become owners, making a financial return, while contributing to the growth of their local businesses.

GrowthFountain provides tutorials and tools specifically tailored for local equity crowdfunding, including a series of calculators to help companies determine the amount of capital to raise and explore potential valuations. When it comes time to raise capital, GrowthFountain provides a streamlined process to facilitate the creation of SEC-required documentation.

"We started GrowthFountain to level the playing field for small businesses. Until now, small business finance options were cost prohibitive and inefficient – and only a limited number of people met wealth or income thresholds that allowed them to invest. The JOBS Act has improved capital access and we've made it simple," said GrowthFountain CEO, Ken Staut. "No longer will America's small businesses – which comprise roughly half of our economy – be considered the forgotten asset class."

About GrowthFountain:
GrowthFountain is an SEC registered Funding Portal and FINRA Member where individuals can come together to support entrepreneurs and small businesses across America. To learn more about GrowthFountain and the risks of crowdfunding, please visit www.growthfountain.com.

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