AOL’s Kanvas Opens Its Platform to Developers

LAS VEGAS -- Today at CES®, AOL announced plans for Kanvas, its mobile platform for creativity, to open its platform with a new software development toolkit. The SDK will serve as a creative suite for the masses, offering four unique products to the developer community. CES, one of the largest technology trade shows around the world, is focused on consumer-facing innovation. AOL has a large consumer footprint on the ground at CES®, including brand activations from TechCrunch, Engadget, Autoblog, MAKERS, HuffPost RYOT, Moviefone and Kanvas.

David Menzies | 919-274-6862 Fiction Writer and Public Relations Consultant  | www.daviddeanmenzies.comThe Kanvas Creative SDK will enable developers to have access to the following technology:

Integrated Camera: Full screen camera that enables users to capture gifs, photos and stop-motion videos with both the front- and rear-facing cameras.

Face Tracking: A modularized advanced software solution capable of altering and/or enhancing a person’s appearance in live video with 3D masks, makeup, special effects and more.

Editing Tools: Powerful multimedia editor featuring vector overlays, stickers, fonts and drawing on photos, gifs and videos. Import from integrated camera or camera roll.

Live Streaming Capabilities: A live stream module merges the video stream with real-time editing, special effects and chat.

“We are thrilled to bring our technology to the larger developer community and be first-to-market with an open platform. Our goal is to empower developers to bring unique content creation experiences to their applications,” said Vic Singh, Founder of Kanvas. “With the Kanvas Creative SDK, developers will have plug and play access to a suite of mixed media creative technology backed by over 50,000 hours of engineering.”

Over a dozen developers have signed on to gain early access to the SDK including Phhhoto,, Video Star, Showzee & ROLR. In June 2016, Verizon integrated the Kanvas SDK camera into Verizon Messages app. Since the integration (on Android only) more than 10.2 million users have launched the Kanvas camera, and millions of gifs have been sent.

Kanvas is a global brand with 4.5 million users, 58% of which are non-US (42% US/Canada, 23% Latin/South America, 15% Europe, 18% Asia).

Kanvas Labs is a New York City based mobile startup owned by AOL. We are building a mobile platform to bring creativity to the masses through a suite of technology products that power human creativity. We have 3 connected applications – Kanvas flagship is a social network for mixed-media self-expression, Kanvas Keyboard is the world's most creative keyboard and the Kanvas Creative SDK is a suite of mixed media creation tools for developers. We are a small team of engineers, designers and mobile product experts crafting the next generation platform for mobile creativity and self-expression.

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