San Francisco Tech Company Thrilled to Announce Latest Version of Groundbreaking Remote Access Solution

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. -- The modern business landscape is fast-moving and evolves rapidly, more often demanding significant adaptability and efficiency from entrepreneurs and business staff. Rob Schenk and Dan Gordon of San Francisco IT support and consultancy firm, Intivix, set out on a mission to help respond to this increasing demand by creating MyWorkDrive. MyWorkDrive is a remote file access solution for business-owners that is poised to replace expensive and complex competitors. Schenk and Gordon are incredibly excited to announce the release of MyWorkDrive Version 2.

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To help modern business professionals thrive, MyWorkDrive is defined by three centralizing features: ease of access, speed and cost efficiency. Users can easily access the contents of their business server remotely, without concerns about security or complexity. The entire MyWorkDrive team is committed to continually optimizing the product to best suit the evolving demands of the modern business landscape.

The latest version offers product optimizations and added benefits for users including:

Expanded localization settings that include: English, Spanish, French & German.
Windows Server Search service integration
Capacity to download folders/files as ZIP
Increased support for installing on a Domain Controller
Improved setup and integration improvements in Windows Server 2012 R2
Support for Windows Server 2016
"We've had such a great response from users who absolutely love MyWorkDrive and the advantages it offers over traditional remote access solutions." Gordon claims. "It really means the world to us because helping business owners drive productivity and competitiveness through technology is a huge part of why we started MyWorkDrive. We look forward to making continual improvements to help business owners make the most of their MyWorkDrive use."

The entire MyWorkDrive team looks forward to continually growing with the business landscape to offer the most user-friendly, comprehensive and cost-effective remote file access solutions for every kind of modern professional. In hopes of driving increased simplicity and security, features planned for future implementation include:

Windows Mapped Drive Client
Office Online Editing
Two Factor Authentication
Post Setup Configuration Wizard

If you'd like to connect your business-minded audience with more information about the release of MyWorkDrive Version 2 and how it can help them optimize file access, reduce tech costs and drive productivity, don't hesitate to reach out to Dan Gordon at MyWorkDrive.

Dan Gordon, Co-Founder - MyWorkDrive - (415) 692-1843 x101

About MyWorkDrive
Founded by San Francisco IT experts Dan Gordon and Rob Schenk of Intivix, MyWorkDrive seeks to offer cost effective remote file access solutions for business owners, without sacrificing speed or efficiency. MyWorkDrive allows users to remotely and securely access organizational files and data in a way that is designed to maintain productivity and ease of use. MyWorkDrive is rooted in a philosophy of helping modern business-owners harness technology to better support business needs and help realize organizational goals.

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