NextGen Launches Indiegogo Equity Crowdfunding Tracker

LOS ANGELES -- NextGen Crowdfunding – the leading company that helps people explore new types of crowdfunding – has launched an Indiegogo equity crowdfunding tracker on that will track investor commitments on Indiegogo. In just two weeks after launching a new equity crowdfunding partnership with MicroVentures, all four of Indiegogo’s initial equity crowdfunding campaigns have already met their funding goals and raised cumulatively over $445,000 as of today.

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The new NextGen “Indiegogo Crowdfunding Watch” tracks the amount of investor commitments raised for each equity crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.

All four of Indiegogo’s equity crowdfunding campaigns that have hit their funding goals as of the time of this announcement are:

ArtCraft Entertainment – more than $155,000
Play Impossible – nearly $69,000
Republic Restoratives – over $123,000
BeatStars – more than $98,000

“Indiegogo’s entrance into equity crowdfunding benefits the industry,” said Dr. Richard Swart, Chief Strategy Officer at NextGen Crowdfunding. “Indiegogo has a built in base of millions of fans and investors when it comes to rewards-based crowdfunding who now have the chance to explore new equity crowdfunding opportunities on the platform.”

“Because of Indiegogo’s entrance into equity crowdfunding, the public’s awareness and interest in equity crowdfunding could potentially increase,” added Aubrey Chernick, CEO and Founder of NextGen Crowdfunding.

The new equity crowdfunding rules that took effect in May that enable Indiegogo to offer equity investments – known as Title III or “Regulation Crowdfunding” – allow even first-time investors to fund startups online with as little as a few hundred dollars of investments. Since May 117 companies have used the rules to raise a total of $13.5 million.

NextGen is tracking all Title III companies through the “NextGen Dashboard,” which displays progress of investor commitments since the new SEC crowdfunding regulations took effect. The “Indiegogo Crowdfunding Watch” dashboard will specifically track equity campaigns available on the Indiegogo platform.

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