Hexcel Corporation Invests In Carbon Fiber Recycling Leader

LAKE CITY, S.C. -- Carbon Conversions announced today that it will receive a portfolio investment from Hexcel Corporation. The strategic investment will create a collaborative partnership between the two companies to further advance the commercial adoption of reclaimed carbon fiber.

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Hexcel Corporation is a leading advanced composites company that uses carbon fiber in aerospace and industrial applications. The expansion of Hexcel's portfolio to include Carbon Conversions provides Hexcel customers a full lifecycle solution and expands both companies' market reach. The innovative technology used by Carbon Conversions to repurpose carbon fiber will be used to produce high performing parts.

"We look forward to working with Hexcel, a leader in carbon fiber solutions, to bring our recycling and repurposing technologies to a broader market." said Mark Mauhar, CEO, Carbon Conversions, "Hexcel's investment provides for us a valuable recycling material stream and enables us to further expand production capacity and research capability. In addition, this investment supports joint technology collaboration and business development efforts for specific aerospace applications with Hexcel."

About Carbon Conversions

Carbon fiber is a material that is lightweight, has high tensile strength and stiffness, is extremely durable and resistant to corrosion. That's why it's used in so many high performance parts in the aerospace, automotive, sporting and other industries. These features also make it hard to eliminate carbon excess when parts are decommissioned. The same qualities that make it a great manufacturing material make it last virtually forever. Some landfills charge a premium to accept carbon fiber-reinforced materials. Carbon Conversions has a new and unique recycling solution to this problem.

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