Impact Venture Capital Makes Investment in Nightingale Securities

BURLINGAME, Calif. -- Impact Venture Capital announced today it has invested in Nightingale Security, an automated Robotic Aerial Security service company that allows customers to see, patrol and protect their facilities using autonomous robotic technology consisting of drones, base stations and mission control software. The Nightingale Security drones takeoff, fly pre-scheduled patrols, respond to alarm events, land and recharge autonomously.

Impact VC General Partner Eric Ball said, “Nightingale is a perfect example of a tech startup using new technologies in innovative ways to solve global challenges. Jack and John are brilliant entrepreneurs who will transform the facilities security industry.”

Nightingale Security co-Founder and CEO Jack Wu has a wide range of successful start-up experience spanning technology, gaming and advertising. Mr. Wu has held past and current advisory roles at Eventbrite, Geni and Yammer.

Wu’s co-Founder and CTO John Hsu received a PhD in Aeronautics and Astronautics from Stanford University. Mr. Hsu was an early member of the SpaceX engineering team and while at Willow Garage his contributions helped define their vision for robotics.

Describing Nightingale’s business value, Denis H├ębert, Chairman of the Security Industry Association, stated, “Nightingale represents an exciting new development in security services, providing enhanced response and validation of events through their Robot as a Service (RaaS) solution. This focused leveraging of drone technology will enable a disruptive and cost effective improvement to guard services.”

Nightingale Security is Impact Venture Capital’s second investment since launching in September.

About Impact Venture Capital
Impact Venture Capital is an investment firm focused on early stage information technology startups, with a focus on technologies (especially software and data analytics) that can disrupt multiple verticals. The firm has investment offices in Burlingame and Sacramento.

Dixon Doll (founder of DCM Partners and former chair of the NVCA), Eric Ball (former Treasurer of Oracle Corporation), and Jack Crawford (serial entrepreneur and founding partner of Velocity Venture Capital) serve as the firm’s General Partners.

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About Nightingale Security
Nightingale Security is a fully autonomous robotic service with proprietary drone-infrastructure technology and a first mover advantage in Robotic Aerial Security. The Nightingale Security service offers increased capabilities and cost savings to the physical security industry. This advanced robotic solution offers numerous innovative use cases across many industries. Nightingale Security is available to corporations through Robot as a Service (RaaS)–a monthly subscription / annual contract.

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