Goaloop, the Goal Market® Launches

NEW YORK, N.Y. -- Goaloop, the Goal Market, a one-stop solution for goal achievement, launched publicly on November 4th. The new online platform helps you reach your goals and connects the world through goals. It enables users to organize, mobilize and fundraise to achieve goals.

Whether your goal is to get-out-the-vote dorm by dorm on a college campus, run a marathon, or finance a local bike path, Goaloop mobilizes collective resources and people around goals, uniting individuals, and public and private organizations in a new global goal network®.

"After a divisive election season, Goaloop is a unifying platform: The goal transcends social, business and ideological boundaries to unite us around getting things done," said Lori Terrizzi, Goaloop's Founder/CEO. "Many speak of the need for a level playing field. We've built one."

"Lori Terrizzi is a visionary. Goaloop utilizes the most sophisticated technology, combining a social network with automation and artificial intelligence, which is incredibly timely and exciting," said Janet Hanson, founder and former CEO of 85 Broads (now Ellevate), and Goaloop investor and advisor.

"Goaloop transforms the current state of 'hashtag activism' from a passive state showing solidarity to an active state based on goals and accountability. Goaloop's goal activity stream across users enables fast collaboration, feedback, and it's fun," said Barbara Clarke, founding member of Astia Angels NYC, and Goaloop investor and advisor.

Goaloop matches goals and engages support for goals in a variety of ways: from tracking a goal, to taking action on a goal, becoming a paid or volunteer mentor/mentee, and participating in a "think tank." Users can sign up as an individual, a non-profit or a business. Seeking funding is optional.

"While there is a myriad of choices to help achieve goals, they often lead to 'siloed' efforts and present barriers to those who want to connect and integrate their efforts. Goaloop is a unique digital product that connects and unifies people through the establishment of a global goal market," said Goaloop Advisory Board member Ellen Moran, former White House Communications Director, and Chief of Staff to the Secretary of Commerce, now EVP and GM at H+K Strategies.

"Connecting goals, we can achieve anything together – this may sound like a tagline now, but it is the belief that has grown our technology," said Terrizzi.

Goaloop's team and Advisory Board also include: Kelly Whiteside, Daniel Cohen, Paul Nikolaidis, Dr. Ellen Lukens, Dr. Jack Kim, Kate Fitta, Sankha Dey, Dr. Shlomo Hershkop, Dr. Michael Chen, Dr. Srikumar Rao, Dr. Gavin Finn, Richard Shinder, Lawrence Catanese, and Chad Lynch. Goaloop is a women-led startup, and in the Astia Angels portfolio.

Goaloop is patent pending and has raised $1.3 million. Got a goal? Goaloop it! Visit Goaloop.com.

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