Boomphones Launches Kickstarter Campaign

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Los Angeles-based Boomphones launched their new headphones, dubbed “RE-UP”, that turn into a portable Bluetooth speaker and its “Active Speaker Case” that further enhances users’ music sharing abilities with extra speakers built into it. With patented folding abilities, RE-UP becomes its own speaker stand, making it easy to set up on any surface. The team plans to raise $50K in 35 days on Kickstarter to provide consumers with an immersive listening experience.

“The RE-UP and Active Speaker Case make music sharing easier for everyone,” Boomphones Co-Founder Ira Strasberg said. “We intended to create something different and extremely versatile without sacrificing quality sound. Now, people can listen to their music wirelessly on the go, turn their RE-UP headphones into a Bluetooth speaker or get even louder with the Active Speaker Case.”

Consumers can use their RE-UP headphones with a wire or through Bluetooth 4.1 capabilities. The headphones provide excellent sound and a powerful, immersive experience with their built-in speakers for music sharing and answering calls. Whether consumers decide to go hands-free or connect with a wire, RE-UP has a built-in microphone for Bluetooth calls and an in-line mic when the wire is used.

The Boomphones team has also designed an “Active Speaker Case”. Each case is equipped with built-in speakers for even louder sound. Users simply dock their headphones inside the case, which synchronizes the RE-UP’s speakers with the Active Speaker Case’s speakers. Additionally, the Active Speaker Case is able to charge both the RE-UPs and smartphones.

Boomphones has found great success with their past audio products while developing some famous fans over the years, including Drake. Now, the Boomphones team has turned to Kickstarter to help bring RE-UP and Active Speaker Case to mass production. The headphones, which have launched on Kickstarter, are available for $150 which is $200 off the MSRP of $350. For more information on RE-UP, please visit the campaign link at

About Boomphones 
Boomphones is a Los Angeles-based company with an obsession for designing ultra-portable audio products that allow music lovers to create, inspire and share amazing sound. Its flagship product, the Phantom, is the first-ever headphones that can transform into a boombox with just the push of a button. For information, please visit

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