Blast Off Apps Introduces App Development Membership

PITTSBURGH, PA. -- Blast Off Apps announces a new way for non-technical businesses to have the advantages of an Agile development team at a fraction of the cost of hiring staff or outsourcing. Blast Off Apps is the first app development shop to offer clients Agility as a Service.  Clients access Agile resources the same way they'd subscribe to any cloud software product -- paying by the month.  It's a cloud-based IT department for any organization that needs software developed, from a single entrepreneur to a multi-billion dollar enterprise, available only as a Blast Off Mission Command Member.

Starting at just $495 per month, members benefit from Blast Off Apps technical leadership, a professional mock-up and a technically sound Agile development plan. Members even get some coding time each month to offset the cost of development.  They also receive an Agile education, business guidance, testing, technical support anytime, and emergency help throughout the life of the app.

Non-technical innovators need to develop apps, but they may not be able to establish their own technical teams to implement the software quickly enough to keep up with the market. In addition, few businesses on a tight budget can fork over $10,000 or $25,000 to $80,000 at once.  This puts non-technical people at a severe disadvantage against competition that has coders on staff.

"App development isn't just one push to the finish. For many reasons, you must consistently update your app. Blast Off Apps offers an iterative process to continually develop updates in accordance with industry standards-- on a billing cycle that keeps it affordable," says Cecil O'Dell CTO of Blast Off Apps.

Mission Command membership is supported by an Agile development process.  Agile provides an iterative implementation model for the app, placing emphasis on quick cycles of coding and testing, with a focus on producing what customers value most. The new membership puts the client  (product owner) in command, but requires no technical ability. Blast Off Apps serves as a seamless extension of the implementation team, at a fraction of the cost of managing in-house development.

Adam Paul, CEO of Blast Off Apps explains, "Scoping projects in a way that minimizes cost and time spent developing while boosting the app's utility is our chief concern.  We're confident we've found a way to bring that advantage to teams everywhere."

Blast Off Apps has found a way to open Agile development to non-technical business leaders that don't have the skills or can't afford an IT department or to hire coders. Visit to learn more.

Blast Off Apps is a mobile app development company based in Pittsburgh, PA. Launched in 2015 to bring mobile app development to everyone, they have worked with startups through billion dollar corporations.

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