NC Connections Academy Enrolls 1,800 in Second Year

DURHAM, N.C. -- Parents across North Carolina have enrolled their children in North Carolina Connections Academy (NCCA), the state’s full-time, tuition-free, online public charter school for grades K-10 for school year 2016-17.  This is the second year for NC Connections Academy and the school has added 10th grade to its curriculum offering. The school’s enrollment is capped at 1,800 students for the 2016-17 school year.

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“Our school is fully staffed with diverse and highly qualified teachers who are ready to help our students have a successful learning experience. We’re looking forward to this school year, in addition to 10th grade, we’ve added additional courses, including American Sign Language, AP Honors Language, Digital Gaming and Gaming Design, ACT/SAT Preps, Entrepreneur, Accounting, and Service Learning,” said Nathan Currie, Principal, North Carolina Connections, “In addition, we now have new clubs including, the National Junior Honor Society and Math Olympiad to complement our Science Olympiad, which did very well in its first year. Our curriculum is rigorous and we’re happy to offer courses that enhance our students’ learning opportunities.”

North Carolina Connections Academy combines North Carolina Board-certified teachers, an award-winning curriculum, technology tools, engaging electives, and social activities and events to create a supportive and successful online learning program for families and students who want an individualized approach to education. Because it is public charter school, there are no fees or tuition to attend NC Connections Academy and all students are required to take the same state assessments as students in traditional brick and mortar public schools.

According to the 47th Annual Phi Delta/Gallup Poll of Public Attitudes Toward Public Schools, families cite the following reasons why they chose to enroll in North Carolina Connections Academy:

44% require or want greater flexibility
36% want a change from their local school
33% want a safe learning environment
24% of their parents want more involvement with child’s education
13% have health concerns
8% attend to pursue the arts or sports*
6% cited bullying in a previous school*
         *Indicates parents’ most significant reason for enrolling their student

About North Carolina Connections Academy 
North Carolina Connections Academy (NCCA) is a tuition-free, online public charter school for students in grades K-10. The school, approved in February 2015 by the North Carolina State Board of Education, began delivering a fully-accredited education in the 2016-2016 school year. NCCA provides students with the flexibility to learn from anywhere there is an Internet connection and with an innovative online school curriculum that meets rigorous state education standards. The combination of certified North Carolina-based teachers, an award-winning curriculum, engaging electives, technology tools, and social experiences provides a supportive online learning opportunity for students who want an individualized approach to education. Grade 11 will be added for school year 2017-18 and Grade 12 for year 2018-19. For more information, call 919-224-4040 or visit

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