Principled Technologies Tests Dell, VMware Solution

DURHAM, N.C. -- New server and storage technologies for the datacenter can help businesses, potentially saving space in the datacenter and improving the customer experience. Principled Technologies tested the mixed workload performance of a legacy solution against that of a new solution featuring a Dell PowerEdge FX2s chassis, Intel processor-powered PowerEdge FC430 and FD332 nodes with Intel solid-state drives (SSDs), and VMware Virtual SAN (VSAN).

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Giving You An Unfair Advantage

The converged server and virtual storage solution ran 16 times the number of application workloads as the old one. That increased performance gives businesses the opportunity to run many applications in a small datacenter footprint.

To see how companies could benefit from upgrading to this Dell and VMware solution powered by Intel, read the report at and see the infographic at

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