Supermega Spreadsheet Details Incident Trends Across NC

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- North Carolina 811 has something new to offer. On June 17th a new page, under the Resources menu on the website was developed called the "Incident Analysis".  Here you will see the Supermega™ Spreadsheet (SMS). It was developed in 2013 to compare damage information by county using a variety of variables, including positive response codes, first time caller survey data and percentages, "failure to call" root cause and a wide range of education activities. The purpose of the sheet is to identify counties in which "incidents per thousand" tickets and transmissions have increased or decreased from year to year.

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In October, 2014 the law changed and included a requirement for excavators to notify NC 811 of damages. Prior to this change, NC 811 had been accumulating voluntary damage reports from a variety of members and creating damage tickets when notified. Because of the fact that the mandatory damage notification happened in the last quarter of 2014, the 2015 data will serve as the baseline for future reports and will provide the best "apples to apples" comparisons.

We encourage all utility stakeholders, excavators and the general public to download and review the SMS and incident data analysis. It is our hope that in reviewing this information, more industry leaders with a vested stake in utility damage prevention, will assist us in informing excavators everywhere on the importance of safe digging. Also, in time, this data will help shape how NC 811 manages its education efforts across the state.

Visit the Incident Analysis page now:

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