National Stage Show Featuring Raleigh Women Cancer Survivors Heading to TV

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Raleigh, North Carolina has been selected by a television production company to film a unique women’s stage show in August. Six-time Emmy Award Winning Producer, Marcia Mule’ and Women Survivors Alliance Founder, Karen Shayne will roll out the new television production for My 2nd Act: Survivor Stories from the Stage. The show will be filmed on August 21st at 3:00 p.m. in Venture Hall at Marble Kids Museum and has cast local cancer survivor women from the Raleigh area to be in the inaugural television production.

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My 2nd Act is a professionally produced stage show staged in theaters across the country and brought to you by the Women Survivors Alliance of Nashville.  The shows feature a cast of real women on stage revealing their own personal experiences of surviving cancer.  Their dramatic essays unravel the truth about perseverance in the face of uncertainty as they enter their 2nd Act of life--survivorship.  The result is a raw and honest exposé that not only empowers those on stage, but also inspires those witnessing.  It's an amazing evening of emotions as it celebrates both the survivors and non-survivors in the audience. In turn, the members of the audience are motivated to create their own 2nd Acts, inspiring others, regardless of the challenges they face in life. And long after the stage lights have gone dark this inspiration and joy has a lasting effect.

As a newly featured television series on Vrtuo Interactive Networks, a new Smart TV platform launching in August, My 2nd Act will now follow the path of the current mainstream productions as we film the audition process in each city where survivors share their amazing stories with the hopes of being chosen for the theatrical presentation.  Well-produced backstories of inspiring participants will be created as we follow these courageous women through the process and into the spotlight.  The stage show itself will have a more intimate connection to its cast and cameras back stage will capture the jitters and butterflies as the women step out onto the stage.  This new approach will reflect the energy and vitality of the brave women who bare their stories to a worldwide audience.

Survivor cast members from Raleigh include: Tara Dunsmore, Brookshire McDonald, Angela Baker, Cindy Roebuck, Nicole Strang, Rhonda Hicks and Domenica Luttrell.  Cast members also include two survivors from Nashville, Linda Ragsdale and 13-year old Jessica Meyer.

The Raleigh My 2nd Act show is generously underwritten by Davis & Pyle Plastic Surgery and Skin Raleigh. Supporting sponsors include Cancer Treatment Centers of America Southeastern Medical Center, Survivor Collection, and Igntya, Inc.

The show will air in September 2016 on Vrtuo Interactive Networks.  Tickets for the live audience show can be purchased at  The public is encouraged to attend to show their support of these amazing women.

Vrtuo Interactive Networks is a collection of channels made available on Smart TV platforms such as, Roku, Apple Tv, Google Tv and Amazon Fire. Smart TV is a wide-open new form of media growing rapidly worldwide. SmartMed Plus+ is a new health and wellness advantage program providing accessibility to affordable health care and family friendly entertainment.

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