Calyptix Releases Free Email Phishing Resource for IT Providers

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Calyptix Security Corp., a leading provider of network security services for small and medium businesses, has released a report that deconstructs a popular security threat that’s seen quite a bit of spotlight in 2016: email phishing. The resource, titled Email Phishing for IT Providers, outlines what email phishing is, what variations of attacks are out there, and how IT providers can combat them.

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The report also addresses how providers can educate clients on the dangers of falling prey to an attack and what steps are needed to prevent a breech. A free download of the report is available on the company’s website.

“Not everyone can be an expert on network security. Unfortunately, those less familiar with the subject are the ones usually targeted by hackers. However, successful email phishing attacks can be easily prevented when end users are educated on the tell-tale signs of a phishing email, and that’s what we aim to do with this report.” Ben Yarbrough, CEO of Calyptix Security said.

The report includes sections on current email phishing trends, how to avoid potential attacks, steps MSPs and VARs can take when confronted with a phishing attack, and how to educate clients on the dangers of phishing.

Email phishing is the act of sending an email that appears to come from a trusted source, but has the nefarious goal of stealing information from the target. Such attacks have earned lengthy mentions in reports such as Verizon’s Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) due to their prominence and high success rates.

A popular subset of this common attack is called spear phishing, which narrowly targets users in order to better the chances of a successful attack. Of all spear phishing attacks launched in 2015, 43% targeted business with less than 250 employees.

Victims aren’t only limited to small businesses though. Target was the victim of a successful phishing attack when a subcontracted HVAC company was breeched, resulting in the loss 110 million customer and credit card records. Sony also fell victim to phishing attacks when company executives were tricked into providing their Apple ID credentials via email, leading to public blackmailing by the hackers.

While a successful attack may not completely ruin a company, taking the right precautions and acting quickly when breached can greatly reduce the risk of major data loss.

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