Silicon Valley Software Company Picks Raleigh for New Regional Headquarters

RALEIGH, N.C. -- WalkMe Inc., a San Francisco-based developer of software tools, has established a regional headquarters in Raleigh where it plans to create hundreds jobs over over the next few years, according to the company’s website. The company, which also has offices in New York City, chose Raleigh for its new regional headquarters after considering Austin, Denver and Nashville, according to a Triangle Business Journal interview with CEO Dan Adkins. Raleigh’s tech talent pool, East Coast location and direct flights to San Francisco and New York were important factors, according to the article.

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“We have now set roots in downtown Raleigh, which hosts 500+ startups, with some of the biggest players in the software industry.”

“We have now set roots in downtown Raleigh, which hosts 500+ startups, with some of the biggest players in the software industry,” the company said in a post announcing the expansion.

WalkMe develops and distributes a cloud-based guidance and engagement platform catering to the financial services, health care, insurance, retail, software, utility and education sectors. The new Raleigh headquarters will provide global support for the company’s recently launched WalkMe Apps, a free tool for independent mobile app developers.

The company’s announcement cited some of the “stats” that make Raleigh a good choice, including it being the second most-educated city in the U.S., its robust growth in generating new patents and its access to 10 colleges and universities, including three Tier 1 research universities.

“Wake County is quickly emerging as the leading tech hub in the Southeast,” said Adrienne Cole, executive director of Wake County Economic Development (WCED) “Raleigh experienced the fastest growth in IT jobs in the country last year, and WalkMe’s decision to locate in Raleigh will add to this sector’s continued growth.”

WalkMe’s choice of Raleigh followed months of collaboration with WECD and the Raleigh Office of Economic Development, the Capital Area Workforce Development Board, the North Carolina Community College System, North Carolina State University and the Research Triangle Regional Partnership.

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