New Data Shows NC Unemployment Dropping to Eight Year Low

RALEIGH, N.C. -- New employment data shows the unemployment rate has fallen in all 100 counties since January 2013. The statewide unemployment rate also fell to an eight-year low in April of 2016. Since 2013, North Carolina has added over 280,000 jobs, and experienced the fastest growing economy in the nation.

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County unemployment rate have fallen faster outside of Wake and Mecklenburg counties on average. While the unemployment rate in Wake and Mecklenburg counties has fallen by 2.9 and 4.1 percentage points since January of 2013 respectively, the unemployment rate fell by an average 5.5 points in the remaining 98 counties.

“This new data provides even more evidence that our pro-growth economic reforms are positively impacting every corner of North Carolina,” said Governor McCrory. “North Carolina is home to the fastest growing economy and is experiencing growth in both small towns and large cities.”

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