FDMC Elects New Chair, Vice Chair

SUMMERVILLE, S.C. -- The Forging Defense Manufacturing Consortium (FDMC) announced new leadership of its Executive Advisory Board (EAB) at a recent board meeting. Mr. Al McCormack, Vice President, Weber Metals, Paramount, CA, and Mr. Chris Ratliff, Executive Vice President, Cunico Corporation, Long Beach, CA, were elected as Chairman and Vice Chairman, respectively, of this strategic oversight group.

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Other board members include:

Mr. Roy Hardy, President, Forging Industry Association, Cleveland, OH
Mr. Darryl Hammock, Chief Executive Officer, Weld Mold Company, Brighton, MI
Mr. Michael Ulven, Vice President, Ulven Forging Incorporated, Hubbard, OR
Mr. Al Underys, Technical Director, Finkl Steel, Chicago, IL
Mr. Jon Tirpak, Executive Director, FDMC and Senior Program Manager, SCRA Applied R&D, Summerville, SC
Three members retired from the EAB including Mr. Jack Simmons of Electralloy, Oil City, PA; Mr. George Currie, Erie Press Systems, Erie, PA; and Mr. Chris Van Metre, SCRA Applied R&D, Summerville, SC.

“The baton has been passed from Jack Simmons and George Currie to Al McCormack and Chris Ratliff as they lead the FDMC forward,” said FDMC Executive Director Jon Tirpak. “This board has served the industry and government well since 2001 by focusing on strategic issues and innovative solutions. We also thank the retiring members for their contributions to the consortium.”

About FDMC
The FDMC is a strategic partnership between the Forging Industry Association and SCRA Applied R&D. Since 2001, the FDMC has addressed myriad technical and enterprise issues affecting forging supply chains. Forgings are critical to the US economy and defense, and are used where no other metallic component can provide the unique combination of strength, toughness and durability. FIA represents approximately 80% of the North American forging industry and brings to the FDMC board key needs of the industry along with innovative solutions from member companies and supporting universities. SCRA Applied R&D brings to bear contract management, program management, and technical expertise in leading programs and projects which satisfy the needs of both industry and government. Over the past few years, the Defense Logistics Agency has been a principal sponsor of many projects led by the FDMC through a series of Manufacturing Programs known as PRO-FAST.

About SCRA Applied R&D
SCRA Applied R&D leads diverse industries and organizations to develop innovative technology solutions for federal and corporate clients. Technology focus areas include: shipbuilding and ship repair, manufacturing technologies, advanced material applications and rapid prototyping, among many others, which have resulted in real-world, high return on investment technologies. SCRA Applied R&D has a strong track record of delivering technologies that achieve wide-spread industry adoption and application.

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