BASF Seneca Expanding Oconee County Facility

COLUMBIA, S.C. -- BASF Corporation, a leading supplier of environmental and process catalysts, is expanding its operations in Oconee County. The expansion will result in $60 million in new capital investment. Launched in 1987, BASF Seneca is a specialty chemical catalysts manufacturing and precious metals refining facility. The company’s refinery process produces solutions that are used to manufacture herbicides, plastics, pharmaceuticals, auto-emission catalysts and fertilizers.

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“BASF’s global reach and cutting-edge innovation make it an international leader in the chemicals industry. We graciously welcome this substantial investment from one of our wonderful corporate citizens who has found success in Oconee for more than 25 years. This investment is further confirmation that Oconee County’s workers and business environment are world-class, and we will continue to invest in infrastructure and programs that businesses need to be successful in an ever-changing world,” said Oconee County Council Chairman Paul Cain.

To expand its Oconee County operations, BASF is investing in new equipment and machinery for its Seneca facility, which is located at 554 Engelhard Drive. The operation currently has 360 employees. For more information on BASF Corporation, visit

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