Automated Drug and Alcohol Testing Compliance Checker Launches

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Encompass Compliance Corp. (OTC PINK: ENCC) announces the launch of its Automated Drug and Alcohol Testing Compliance Checker service with full integration to the platform. is an industry leader with more than 11,000 companies utilizing their technology through their partnerships, with over 200 Consumer Reporting Agencies (CRA), Third Party Administrators (TPA), and Medical Review Officers (MRO) nationwide. Companies large or small benefit from their fast and dependable employment screening services. Using industry expertise and advanced technology, their innovative solutions give employers the resources needed to implement best practice screening programs with the highest quality results.

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Richard Sharp, Encompass' CEO, states, "This new offering allows all CRA's and TPA's on the i3screen platform to ensure that tests are done properly and according to state law, at the time a test is ordered. Monthly releases will be provided to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of drug and alcohol testing laws. Our customers will have the confidence they are following the most recent laws that apply to the states in which they operate."

Steve Gatt, President and CEO, i3screen, states, "i3screen is excited to be partners with Encompass to bring technology and automation that improves visibility and compliance with drug testing state laws. i3compliance reduces the risk of violating drug testing state law by providing alerts and guidance during the drug test ordering to the final adjudication process. Our customer base has been asking for something like this for years and we are excited to be the first to deliver this type of solution. We look forward to working with Encompass on this product in 2016 and beyond."

Companies utilizing this service could avoid lawsuits that arise from tests that violate state laws, ADA (American with Disabilities Act of 1990) regulations, wrongful terminations, and may assist with the defeating of work comp claims.

To learn more about i3compliance and automated drug testing state law, visit, and contact Dan DiThomas at 724-553-5336.

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