Tech Talent South Selects Charlotte for Headquarters Site and Names CEO

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Local tech education company, Tech Talent South (TTS), announced an exciting shift for the company recently. North Carolina native and TTS cofounder, Betsy Hauser Idilbi, has officially taken on majority ownership of the coding bootcamp. Tech Talent South promptly named Idilbi the company’s first Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Charlotte as its official headquarters.

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Idilbi, highlighted as one of Charlotte Observer’s Seven to Watch in 2016, is no stranger to continued growth and evolving strategy. The tech company added nine classes to its course offerings in 2015 alone. Classes span the wide spectrum of web development, mobile development, data analysis, internet marketing and business development.

The company also announced planned campus launches, program options for remote students, and new hiring initiatives. “This is the kind of growth we always hoped for,” said Idilbi. “We just didn’t quite imagine it would all be happening while I’ve been pregnant with, and am about to give birth any day now to, my second child!” Idilbi, who has led the team of 12 full time staff members and over 65 contracted instructors over the past year, boasts continued efforts to promote diversity and inclusivity in the technology and programming fields.

Ranked as one of the top coding boot camps in the southeastern United States by Course Report, in the world by Switchup, and in female participation by LinkedIn, TTS recently kicked off its ninth cohort in Charlotte and countless others across nine campuses in the southern United States. Outside of their core program offerings, TTS is known in many tech and startup ecosystems for their free kids coding workshops, partnered scholarships and Startup Crawls.

Expanding our programs and networks to a growing number of markets is vital in achieving our company’s original mission of fostering technical talent in our region and beyond,” said Director of Community Operations and newly announced Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Melissa Nemec. “The addition of four new campuses throughout the remainder of this year and the ability for interested individuals across the nation to join classes remotely is truly exciting.”