Protochips Advances Liquid In Situ Electron Microscopy

MORRISVILLE, N.C. -- Protochips announces the launch of the Poseidon Select liquid in situ system. This enhanced version of Poseidon gives scientists and engineers the ability to image materials and biological samples in a variety of environments using a single holder with options for heating and electrochemistry Whether studying electrochemistry or simply imaging samples in static, flowing, or heated liquids, Poseidon Select enables high quality images of any sample in these environments while also supporting common analytical techniques such as EDS. With a large family of E-chips and a user-configurable system, the research possibilities in liquid are endless.

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The electron microscope is a critical instrument in the development of nanomaterials for applications including batteries and drug delivery. Historically, electron microscopes require samples to be viewed in vacuum, severely limiting the types of samples and information learned. Poseidon Select overcomes this fundamental hurdle by allowing scientists to view materials live in liquids while imaging in the electron microscope.

From small particles like viruses to whole cells, biologists can study a wide variety of hydrated samples dynamically and at the nanoscale. Materials scientists can investigate samples including catalysts, cosmetics and paints and electrochemists can perform true in situ quantitative electrochemistry while harnessing the resolving power of a transmission electron microscope (TEM).

Poseidon Select introduces a heating package offering safe, accurate and uniform liquid heating with closed-loop temperature control through the easy to use Clarity™ Software package. The Poseidon Select also introduces a replaceable tubing feature that allows users to change liquid lines without disassembling the TEM holder. Finally, Poseidon Select is the only liquid system to be certified by FEI, JEOL and Hitachi as safe for their instruments.

About Protochips

Protochips is the leader in developing innovative in situ electron microscopy products. The revolutionary systems include Poseidon Select for liquid, Fusion for heating and electrical, and Atmosphere for pressurized gas and heating. Protochips' broad range of E-chip consumables and the easy-to-use Clarity Software Suite fundamentally change the way in situ microscopy is performed. Located in the Research Triangle Park region of North Carolina, Protochips has over 250 systems deployed in 24 countries. For additional information, visit